Sunday, May 12, 2013

What we are doing with diet talk

We have done for hundreds of years. You think we would learn our lesson. After all, we burned our bras, got rid of girdles, and shunned the corsets.



You think we would look back at history and see how our constant body snarking messes with people.

You have to be severely brain washed by societal ideals about the womanly figure to wear this:


Unless, of course, you were just standing there and the hips held beer and bread.


But we do not learn. Our newest fixation is extreme thinness and thigh gaps. We name it "health" but that is a lie.

And sadly, I have a pregnant friend who is looking at how to lose fat while pregnant. Wtheck? Our society...that is what the heck. Taught her thin is the only pretty. Thin is the only healthy. That sucks.



AlphaBetsy said...

I don't know what that is, but it's there, because I suffer from it as bad if not worse than anyone else. I am really starting to realize that beyond dieting I have got to learn to love my body for what it is, mine. But it is a hard fought battle and I am not always winning. I hope your friend realizes that her health and the baby's are far more important right now, and body issues can come after birth.

K(Banterings of a Basketcase) said...

Funny thing is, are one of my examples at being confident and fabulous! I have been lucky to stumble upon blogs like Dances with Fat, concepts like Health at any size, and leaders like Marilyn inspire me as well. When I get down on my body I google adipositivity.
I think my friend will worry most about the baby, but I am very sad that society has even put the oncept of dieting while pregnant out there. Look at poor Kim Kardashian and all the crap she is getting...society sucks big time.