Thursday, March 7, 2013

I wonder


I wonder how life would be if the world were not so body stupid (the world being where I live and have visited since I realize that this can not apply to everywhere).

If we saw beauty in everything and everyone.

If we did not label certain looks, ages, or body types as "pretty" or "hot".

If we did not sell crap that tells us to strive to be pretty or hot.

If we chose to celebrate kindness, wisdom, understanding, creativity.

If everything weren't so sex driven.

If all types were accepted and celebrated, regardless of age, gender, capabilities, sexual choice, gender identification, weight, height, etc.

If we revered who the person is, not money, accomplishments, or "looks".



greekwitch said...

This was such a lovely thought. Do you think we will ever get there?

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Carol said...

We live in a superficial world. Sadly. So the best we can do is be what we wish everyone was and be ourselves, caring not what others might think or say. The ones that matter are those we love, and those who are shallow and inconsiderate deserve only our pity.

Rhonda said...

That's the life I'd like to live! I think there would be a lot less fear in life. Love this post!