Friday, February 15, 2013

What I did this week

Besides work, that is. I made some awesome gifts.


I started with fabric, felt, and hot wheels.


I cut the felt a little more than the width of a car, and an appropriate length to hang around the shoulder and across the body of the birthday boy. Not being a good guesser, I probably made it too long.

Then I cut material wide enough to go around the felt and placed the seam in the back. It probably would be easier to make a tube, but I hate turning those things right side out.

I zig zagged the seam. In my mind, the zig zagged seam was going in the back, but I messed up. Oh well. I drew lines on the fabric a car length plus a bit apart. One side fit five cars.

I made a pocket, 3/4 the length of the car, and the width of the felt. I ironed in one side, and sewed the top. The other side I left alone so that I could fold it in the proper width.


I sewed the bottom onto the felt belt. The key is to place the edge of the bottom on the ink line, and sew, then when you fold up the piece, it hides your line. I messed up, but will remember it for next time! See how I folded the unironed edge in? It now fits the width of the felt belt. I will show you in the next picture, but I picked the middle of the belt, and faced 5 going that way -> and 5 <- this way. Well, the bottoms were facing that way and this way.


Oh blurry. See the middle? Then five one one side flapping towards the end of the felt belt, then five on the other flapping in opposite direction? Why? Oh! These are pockets and need to face upward.


See? I folded them over, the bottom seam is sewed to the felt belt, now I pin them so I can sew up the sides.

Sides sewn, I added elastic, but I think they are too long anyway. We shall see.


Lolli offered to model it. She is shocked at my creativity, or my mistakes, she won't say which. See how the pockets face upward in the front, each holding a car? They face upward in the back, too, for more cars.


Next I want to paint these. ( I found the pic on pinterest). Wouldn't they be cute in their own little pockets?


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