Friday, February 22, 2013


I slept for three days because I was sick and now my mind is catapulting creative ideas across my head. I obviously can't start all the ideas because I become scattered.

Here is how it worked: I finished painting a statue picture I had started. Then worked on an elephant hanger. Then I thought "I should make an Elephant zentangle for Charleston." " or an elephant and Charleston zentangle." " I like Ganesha". " i should see what symbolism goes with Ganesha" "I should draw a picture of Ganesha" "I should look in my symbolism book to add more to my picture" " oh look, a sigil" "I used to do that with my name in high school"


Something like that: kathryn

"I should make a sigil for what I am working on"


The book says to write a sentence. Sentences are, at times, cumbersome. So I wrote what I need : career, home, stability, self. Innately, this holds retirement, savings, my future garden and kitten, development of a homestead, ownership of my self and desicions.

Then decrease it so the letters only occur once: fcarehomstbily and I added a K for me.

I put them in alphabetical order because it felt like the thing to do, then tooled around with how to fit them all. They can be backward, upside down etc....I wanted it a bit flowy and balanced.


Yes, all the letters are there....




Can be used in or as a magical working.


Now back to elephants.


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