Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Prayers, two


I don't say prayers , per se, I make magic. So here is a prayer/magic doll for a friend.

The doll was made for health, healing, happiness, and protection.

I chose the colors that correspond blue (healing) light blue (health), white (protection) silver (moon power), yellow (joy), and on the back I threw in green (growth) and orange (zest/energy).

I chose appropriate stones...Tiger's eye and citrine for the solar plexus chakra, amber to neutralize the state of mind and protect her aura, rose quartz to stimulate self love, and inside her is an amethyst and quartz for power.

I etched symbols on the back of her moon face for ordered thoughts, comfort, healing, and love.

I filled her with lavender ..happiness, rosemary, rose, lemon balm, and mint...healing, barley, basil, clove, cotton,, gardenia..peace. And added sweatpea and patchouli oils for happiness and protection.

I beaded her with thought and care. At times, I chanted a mantra, others, I just thought of what I wanted.


I hope the doll does her magic, it was especially cool that I delivered her on a full moon. I also hope the recipient knows these are my prayers for her because I think she is beautiful and wonderful.



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