Sunday, January 27, 2013

Making magic

One of my favorite ways to make magic is to create a doll. I name my intent; find appropriate herbs, oils, colors, crystals, and symbols for this intent. Then I gather my supplies.

I cut felt into a doll shape, and stuff it with fiber as well as herbs and oils.

I use the color of felt that corresponds to my intent. I make an oven baked clay face, poking holes in the edge to attach it and, this time, adding symbols prebake.

Once baked and attached, I start adding big pieces and crystals.

Then I seed bead all willy nilly to cover the doll. I like this part because I usually chant a mantra. I select a series of words that cover my intent.

I added a felt back to her with beaded symbols as well, sometimes I bead the back, but she was a large doll.I lightly rubbed her face with gold paint.

I did a ritual and placed her on my altar. She told me her name is Cerelia. I looked it up and it means Spring. Spring starts in my world on February second. Perhaps I will get word soon.



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