Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A woman's pperspective, we stuttered

You'd think that having women in higher positions, like secretary of state and CEOs of major companies, would bring is up in the world a bit. Sure we have some power, and rights, and "the vote"...but we stuttered somewhere.

I love reading Victorian novels, women were to be respected, valued in these novels not just for a pretty face, but a keen mind and good partnership skills. It might not be true in real Victorian era, but in my novels it is.

I know that women were less judged then by how they looked naked...because art did not include huge amounts of porn.

why am I on this tangent? I was looking for a classical statue face to oil paint today. and I am wondering where we stuttered as women in our path for equality. I know we want sexual freedom and choices, but isn't baring it all for men to jack off to just selling our soul to the same devil?

how'd we get from this



to this?



yeah, all naked, but the first ones depict real women, beauty, grace, fertility, patience

the last two, I'm not so sure....



greekwitch said...

That is so true and scary! I just got pregnant and i watched cartoons under a new perspective? Have you seen girls and women in cartoons, dolls or even teen shows? I mean just turn on nickelodeon and watch! How will a girl learn to love herself when she sees that day in and day out!
It is repulsive! Something must be done. I have overcome an eating disorder and it was the single most painful thing i have ever gotten through. There is nothing worse than hating yourself. It leaves you empty inside!
Sorry for the long comment-rant!
Have a wonderful weekend!

K(Banterings of a Basketcase) said...

Ah, yes, the perspective of a mother and wise woman is much different than one of a twenty year old. As the mother of a daughter, I just hope she doesnt fall victim to the media.