Sunday, January 27, 2013

Making magic

One of my favorite ways to make magic is to create a doll. I name my intent; find appropriate herbs, oils, colors, crystals, and symbols for this intent. Then I gather my supplies.

I cut felt into a doll shape, and stuff it with fiber as well as herbs and oils.

I use the color of felt that corresponds to my intent. I make an oven baked clay face, poking holes in the edge to attach it and, this time, adding symbols prebake.

Once baked and attached, I start adding big pieces and crystals.

Then I seed bead all willy nilly to cover the doll. I like this part because I usually chant a mantra. I select a series of words that cover my intent.

I added a felt back to her with beaded symbols as well, sometimes I bead the back, but she was a large doll.I lightly rubbed her face with gold paint.

I did a ritual and placed her on my altar. She told me her name is Cerelia. I looked it up and it means Spring. Spring starts in my world on February second. Perhaps I will get word soon.



Sunday, January 20, 2013



I worked this past week, so I brought my "wreck this journal". This page asks the wrecker to fill it with circles. That took a lot of hours!



I put on of these in the teachers' bathroom. I was thrilled to see some muppets were gone by the next day!


I also eyeball bombed this thing on the wall where I park. I am thrilled to drive up and say hi to my new friend every day.


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A woman's pperspective, we stuttered

You'd think that having women in higher positions, like secretary of state and CEOs of major companies, would bring is up in the world a bit. Sure we have some power, and rights, and "the vote"...but we stuttered somewhere.

I love reading Victorian novels, women were to be respected, valued in these novels not just for a pretty face, but a keen mind and good partnership skills. It might not be true in real Victorian era, but in my novels it is.

I know that women were less judged then by how they looked naked...because art did not include huge amounts of porn.

why am I on this tangent? I was looking for a classical statue face to oil paint today. and I am wondering where we stuttered as women in our path for equality. I know we want sexual freedom and choices, but isn't baring it all for men to jack off to just selling our soul to the same devil?

how'd we get from this



to this?



yeah, all naked, but the first ones depict real women, beauty, grace, fertility, patience

the last two, I'm not so sure....


Monday, January 7, 2013 not so bad

I made this :

And packaged it, ad left it at the park with a "take me home" sign

And I made this:


And hung it here:


Hopefully I spread some joy today :)


Sunday, January 6, 2013

Fun examples

Here are some great examples of guerrilla art




Saturday, January 5, 2013

A year of living artfully


I am planning on becoming a guerilla artist for a year. I have no political motive, but hopefully my messages will be filled with fun, fancy, love, humor, an self acceptance. Maybe speading positivity will negate any negativity thrown at me, maybe positivity will reproduce and smother mean people in their sleep.

Today I bought supplies: googly eyes, word bubble stickies, thumbtacks, pens, adhesive. Everything I plan to do will be removable, vandlism doesn't jibe with me.


while I was in the store I left behind two zendalas with positive messages in the bathrooms, and left two stickers on mirrors, one in a bathroom, the other outside. If I can do one thing a day I will have spread 365 plus good thoughts around town.




My other plans are yarn bombing, tear sheets, toy donating, and eye bombing....more on those later!