Sunday, June 16, 2013

Why we need feminism

"females must make sure they are uncomfortable and can't run to escape domineering men"


"because looking fashionable is more important than women being victimized by a misogynistic society"


"even if you are broke, victimized, and in physical pain, you have to be fashionable to be pretty, happy, and is the basis for a satisfying life"

"if you dress nice they will remember matter what a dipshit you are" " worry more about your clothes than your actions"

"being sexually attractive to men is your number one goal in life"



Amen, sister.


Saturday, May 25, 2013

Beilieve, hah.



First of all, I don't think any God (he or she) really trolls facebook to see if you repost, then takes the time to do you a huge favor just because you did. Really? Do yourself your own favor, put some work into it.*

Secondly, Any God would be able to spell believe.


* one of the tenements of magic is that not only do you pray or wish for it, but you work for it too! You can't just pray for icecream and wait for it to magically appear, you've got to go to the store and buy it for yourself!


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Thoughts of the depressed

When depression comes on, one of my major thoughts is "I am going to die alone". It is a very frightening thing. In concept.

Lately I have been fighting with terms in my life because I am leaving to far away. When and if I come back..what, if anything will still be the same?

I can count on my mommy and brother. They will still be my mommy and brother.

I can count on my Tricia..though we will have catching up to do, but we will catch up.

And there are other friends that will remain close, or closish...

But it is a fact of life that things change over time. And things are promised to change over time especially if there are no promises of " I will be there" or " my thoughts are with you". No promises means no commitments. No obligations. No nothing.

My mommy will die before me. Perhaps even my brother because he is older. My kids will have their own life and may or may not like me. My friends will have children and grand children.

I will go away, come back someday, see those that share heart strings with me.

I will grow old. Most likely alone, except for too many cats. I will die and decay. Become liquid soaking into my couch. My neighbors will notice the smell and the starving cats.

My only salvation in this depression is that I am angry. I picture myself rotting and someone who should have cared more having to deal with my decay. They will feel guilty and slightly nauseated. The smell will never leave them. I will feel no more.

Isn't depression fun?

Sunday, May 12, 2013

What we are doing with diet talk

We have done for hundreds of years. You think we would learn our lesson. After all, we burned our bras, got rid of girdles, and shunned the corsets.



You think we would look back at history and see how our constant body snarking messes with people.

You have to be severely brain washed by societal ideals about the womanly figure to wear this:


Unless, of course, you were just standing there and the hips held beer and bread.


But we do not learn. Our newest fixation is extreme thinness and thigh gaps. We name it "health" but that is a lie.

And sadly, I have a pregnant friend who is looking at how to lose fat while pregnant. Wtheck? Our society...that is what the heck. Taught her thin is the only pretty. Thin is the only healthy. That sucks.


Sunday, April 14, 2013

What are we doing to our children?

There was a post the other day on facebook about a transgender child at about six years old. (Sweden has introduced a third nongendered pronoun to avoid this) S/he was born a boy but identifies as a girl. It makes me wonder.

Does this child like the hair/dresses, etc that being a girl offers? What does being a girl mean? Can the child stay a boy, dress in dresses, perhaps even like other boys when grown up, and still be a boy?

In some Native American cultures, this child is considered normal, even special. I was happy to see that the community the child is living in acts the same way.

I think it is the labeling that disturbs me. The He She. The He wears pants and likes girls. The She wears dresses and likes boys. Why? Why the rigid gender rules? Why cant he wear dresses and like boys or girls and still be he? Or the third pronoun option if that is what the person chooses.

I think my issue is also that I was born a girl, identify as a girl, and fit into the I like boys category, so I don't fully understand all the details.


What the heck are we doing to our girls? Telling them they can be a superhero if they wear a tutu...

And this...


And why is this gendered? Dad cooks too.

Huh? I wear clothes to, well, be clothed. They can be outward statements of my personality, but they all make sense! They are clothe people.

and men need to be strong and virile.


Stop lying to the kids. Let them be who they are.


Monday, April 1, 2013


In my opinion, intimacy should not be a spectator sport. Yeah, in my stupid times in life, I might have fooled around in public, made out in front of others (poor souls), watched a dirty movie, and tried to be risqué...but now that I know me, I know I abhor that behavior.

I hate strip clubs. I believe that it dehumanizes women. It makes them chattel, or steak. It brainwashes men into thinking women are all shaped like barbie and should twirl around naked solely for their titillation . Quite frankly, I don't believe that those women value or honor themselves. I sure didn't when I dressed like a stripper for men's attention.

I hate porn. It desensitizes people. It makes men believe that acrobatics is part of making love. It reduces the act of making love from the divine and sacred to the mundane. Again, it idolizes one body type, and dehumanizes women, they are now just a portal. I do not want to make love with a man who had one handed internet sex with other women that day, it is akin to cheating.

I hate society. I hate that we think that it is normal to sell bras and underwear via a commercial of siliconed starving waifs. I hate that we think we should sell burgers the same way. I hate that women, love, bodies, and sex have become daily sport rather than divine.

I hate that feeling this way now makes me "a prude", a negative thing...that I may never find a man in life who understands my feelings about this and agrees with or respects them, me. That I now have an internal battle going which is threatening my psyche.

I hate that I can't go back in time and explain this to my sixteen year old self, thirteen year old self, twenty year old self...etc. I hate that I can't tell this to my daughter because she is so far away. I hope that I instilled in her a better sense of self worth than I had.

I hope that my son has more respect and value for women as well. I hope he treats women, even siliconed internet women, like he would want a man treating his sister.

I hate that many men teach their sons that it s ok to think of women as meat, or sport, or chattel, merely there for entertainment and titillation. On earth only to fit the ideal mold of "hotness" and to make babies and clean house.

At this moment, I pretty much hate most men.


Thursday, March 7, 2013

I wonder


I wonder how life would be if the world were not so body stupid (the world being where I live and have visited since I realize that this can not apply to everywhere).

If we saw beauty in everything and everyone.

If we did not label certain looks, ages, or body types as "pretty" or "hot".

If we did not sell crap that tells us to strive to be pretty or hot.

If we chose to celebrate kindness, wisdom, understanding, creativity.

If everything weren't so sex driven.

If all types were accepted and celebrated, regardless of age, gender, capabilities, sexual choice, gender identification, weight, height, etc.

If we revered who the person is, not money, accomplishments, or "looks".


Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Prayers, two


I don't say prayers , per se, I make magic. So here is a prayer/magic doll for a friend.

The doll was made for health, healing, happiness, and protection.

I chose the colors that correspond blue (healing) light blue (health), white (protection) silver (moon power), yellow (joy), and on the back I threw in green (growth) and orange (zest/energy).

I chose appropriate stones...Tiger's eye and citrine for the solar plexus chakra, amber to neutralize the state of mind and protect her aura, rose quartz to stimulate self love, and inside her is an amethyst and quartz for power.

I etched symbols on the back of her moon face for ordered thoughts, comfort, healing, and love.

I filled her with lavender ..happiness, rosemary, rose, lemon balm, and mint...healing, barley, basil, clove, cotton,, gardenia..peace. And added sweatpea and patchouli oils for happiness and protection.

I beaded her with thought and care. At times, I chanted a mantra, others, I just thought of what I wanted.


I hope the doll does her magic, it was especially cool that I delivered her on a full moon. I also hope the recipient knows these are my prayers for her because I think she is beautiful and wonderful.


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Friday, February 22, 2013


I slept for three days because I was sick and now my mind is catapulting creative ideas across my head. I obviously can't start all the ideas because I become scattered.

Here is how it worked: I finished painting a statue picture I had started. Then worked on an elephant hanger. Then I thought "I should make an Elephant zentangle for Charleston." " or an elephant and Charleston zentangle." " I like Ganesha". " i should see what symbolism goes with Ganesha" "I should draw a picture of Ganesha" "I should look in my symbolism book to add more to my picture" " oh look, a sigil" "I used to do that with my name in high school"


Something like that: kathryn

"I should make a sigil for what I am working on"


The book says to write a sentence. Sentences are, at times, cumbersome. So I wrote what I need : career, home, stability, self. Innately, this holds retirement, savings, my future garden and kitten, development of a homestead, ownership of my self and desicions.

Then decrease it so the letters only occur once: fcarehomstbily and I added a K for me.

I put them in alphabetical order because it felt like the thing to do, then tooled around with how to fit them all. They can be backward, upside down etc....I wanted it a bit flowy and balanced.


Yes, all the letters are there....




Can be used in or as a magical working.


Now back to elephants.


Friday, February 15, 2013

What I did this week

Besides work, that is. I made some awesome gifts.


I started with fabric, felt, and hot wheels.


I cut the felt a little more than the width of a car, and an appropriate length to hang around the shoulder and across the body of the birthday boy. Not being a good guesser, I probably made it too long.

Then I cut material wide enough to go around the felt and placed the seam in the back. It probably would be easier to make a tube, but I hate turning those things right side out.

I zig zagged the seam. In my mind, the zig zagged seam was going in the back, but I messed up. Oh well. I drew lines on the fabric a car length plus a bit apart. One side fit five cars.

I made a pocket, 3/4 the length of the car, and the width of the felt. I ironed in one side, and sewed the top. The other side I left alone so that I could fold it in the proper width.


I sewed the bottom onto the felt belt. The key is to place the edge of the bottom on the ink line, and sew, then when you fold up the piece, it hides your line. I messed up, but will remember it for next time! See how I folded the unironed edge in? It now fits the width of the felt belt. I will show you in the next picture, but I picked the middle of the belt, and faced 5 going that way -> and 5 <- this way. Well, the bottoms were facing that way and this way.


Oh blurry. See the middle? Then five one one side flapping towards the end of the felt belt, then five on the other flapping in opposite direction? Why? Oh! These are pockets and need to face upward.


See? I folded them over, the bottom seam is sewed to the felt belt, now I pin them so I can sew up the sides.

Sides sewn, I added elastic, but I think they are too long anyway. We shall see.


Lolli offered to model it. She is shocked at my creativity, or my mistakes, she won't say which. See how the pockets face upward in the front, each holding a car? They face upward in the back, too, for more cars.


Next I want to paint these. ( I found the pic on pinterest). Wouldn't they be cute in their own little pockets?