Saturday, September 8, 2012

Zendala , monodala!

First I would love to show you a picture my brother took at a mosque in Oman. He is currently working in Oman as a teacher.


I see Zendala potential.

Now, here is my monodala for TheBrightOwl's weekly challenge (button on the side at the top of the page)....I used Feathers or Tagh, I can't really tell the difference, they seem like a variation of one another.

What is the difference between these? Or between Puf and Yincut?

I think I will shade this a bit....

Glad I did that! It looks better, I realized I want a little shader rub thingy( you know, the rolled paper that is shaped like a pencil intended to be used to smear pencil.), and I found the spot I missed in the middle!

Now off to look at your Monodalas!





Monday, September 3, 2012

Zentangles and shameless plug.

First, the shameless plug...a new book will hit the shelves soon, one I fully recommend for readers of all ages. It would be an excellent gift for any crafters in your life. Why am I advertising it? Besides that I loved the first Stupis Sock Creatures book, and that I regularly craft monsters with socks? Besides that I know anyone from age six and up can make an adorable animal? Well, because I am one of the guest designers in this book! You get to meet my Snarfles. There is already a facebook page set up...I promise to buy ten copies of return of the stupid sock creatures....And you can preorder it already on Amazon!

Ok, on to tangling....

I found a new tracer pencil that transfers with an iron. This worked pretty good. It showed up pink, and I traced TheBrightOwl's pattern (there is a button for this website on the top of my page, she graciously gives us patterns to play with).

I added a piece of Flutter tile in the middle...a dash of Finery...

some Feathers (filled or unfilled), and a frame of Fescu.