Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Why You will die earlier than I


Oldest Best Friend's husband picked me up this morning so I can use their minivan to taxi their kids and feed them bad food for a few days. He happened to show up at crack of 8:30. I was still in bed. Awake, but not bothering to get up.

OBF's husband teased. I made the comment "why bother getting up If I do not have to?". He laughed and said "where is your work ethic?".

Sometimes I don't have one, I guess. Sometimes I feel that it is OK to sleep in until noon, or nap in the afternoon, or lay on the couch and watch movies (read a book) all day. I think that is fine.

I hear the work ethic thing a lot. I have heard "someone has to work and bring home the money", or "some of us have a job, have to work". In my past, I have been berated for "just being a housewife" or "not having a real job". Boyfriend even argued once that the go to work dad was more important than the stay at home mom. ( I think that argument is a lot like which came first: the chicken or the egg?.)

I will admit, I enjoy more cerebral things than labor intensive jobs. I would rather write a twenty page report than go outside in the heat and do yard work. My at home days are spent sewing, crocheting, and cooking. Two of three which take place with my big butt on the couch.

BUT....what is the problem with that?

When I have a job, I show up early, work my butt off, and often bring home work if needed. In the six months that I long term subbed I only missed one day, and that was because I had the flu! I bring home a paycheck that pays my bills and allows me a few luxuries. I drive a scooter because I know that I can not afford a car until I get a full time job. I have no credit cards and any debt I have was incurred when I was married (and agreed that he would pay since he got the stuff on the card). My only debt is my student loan, created for an education to get a career that was "non-gettable" since I graduated.

If I dirty dishes, I wash them. I take out trash. I create beautiful gifts. I dust occasionally. I clean the bathroom. I make my own dinner, and often others'. I take care of my own crap,yo.. My fish is fed and clean. My hamster is fat and happy. The dog knows to ask me for dinner.

And I can be relied upon. Ask OBF.

Just because I take most of summer off to visit my family, just because I sleep in, just because I nap, just because I know how to relax and not have to always be doing something that makes me appear like a go-getter, does not mean I am a bad person.

To me, it means I have my stuff straight. I am finally on the road to self ownership. I take responsibility for both work and leisure time. I have my priorities straight, even if they are different than yours. They are mine and I can put them in any order they want.

In a few years, hopefully, I will have my own classroom, and I will be busier. Hopefully I will have my own crappy little trailer home and a garden. I will have less leisure time. I am good with that, I will be happy with that. But you better believe, I will still take time off in the summer to see my family, and my downtime will be spent on whatever I damn well please.

I will not bow to an aggressive capitalist society's dictated standards of "work ethic", I will march to the beat of my own tambourine.