Thursday, August 30, 2012

My thoughts about food

Nothing is good in excess. Most things are fine if not overconsumed (our bodies can even handle things like arsenic at low doses for a small time period, not that I condone eating poison).

Some things are better for the body, and we should eat primarily those things if our goal is health. These things are vegetables and whole grains, nuts and seeds, and water...lots of water. This is where the body is going to get the things it needs: hydration, fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

But our body needs some fat,too. Really. It is the substance that bubble wraps the organs, that keeps the skin supple, that burns for extra fuel, that insulates. It can be found in nuts and seeds, in delicious avocados, and in my favorite: cheese.

The key is balance and good choices most of the time. I'm not really a sugar eater, some days I crave a hunk of dark chocolate or a bowl of vanilla icecream with maple syrup, but those days are rare. My craving is salty crunchy,and when I really want a cracker or a chip or a bowl of stuffing with onion and celery, I usually go for it. It's fine. I am not eating the wholebag or a bucketfull every day.

I refuse to make food my enemy. I refuse to label it as good or bad. Food is just food, not a rapist or robber. I made calories my enemy for too many years. Codger is complaing about his weight. He has made bread the bad guy. He tries to tell me that Pasta is my enemy, but I talked to pasta and we are cool. Codger gains and loses the same ten pounds about four times a year, according to stats, yo-yo ing is unhealthy. But at least Codger is not counting calories and over doing it at the gym. If he wants to weigh 'this amount', that is his choice. I just refuse to hop on any band wagon....the protien only, no carbs, raw food, do not eat after six, grapefruit, lemon and maple syrup water, vegetarian, juicing, fat free, preboxed food, calorie counting, point counting, or diet pill wagons are all too bumpy for me. I refuse to believe that eggs can be good one moment and evil the next. Same with red wine (it helps bone density, you know...and think of the antioxidants!).

I want to enjoy my food. We have to eat every day, usually more than once, so why not make it enjoyable, and even tasty? There is no reason it can't be delicious and healthful. But there is no law it has to be good for me either...if I choose to eat preserved chemical crap every day, it is my choice...I just know that I like the way I feel without crap invading my body.

I make a point to eat veggies. I love veggies. The other night I roasted eggplant and tomatoes brushed with basil oil in the oven. Each day I have dropped them on a whole wheat bread with chipotle mayo, gouda, basil, and spinach yummy. Tonight I will make black beans, canned seasoned tomatoes, rice, and maybe cilantro...that will last me a few days.

My goal is to get back to buying brown rice ( why is it more expensive when it takes less processing to make than white rice?), whole wheat pasta, and whole wheat flour. I want to use less meat and cream in my cooking (mmmm bechamel sauce) and find more veggie sauces. I'm hopefully planting a winter garden with zucchini, carrots, lettuce, and cilantro. I have my basil planted already and am hoping it doesn't die.

I can't wait til the weather cools down and I can make veggie soup and pumpkin biscuits!

What are your thoughts or goals?


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Carol said...

My goal is to have you always cooking for me :)