Tuesday, November 1, 2011

words and attitude hurt

I've noticed how many TV shows have fat jokes on them.  and old people jokes, and other unnecessary and unfunny jokes that are solely created for stoopid people.  No, not stupid people, stoopid.

I no longer find George Lopez funny.  His show is about him being an idiot who treats his family like crap and makes mean jokes.  Mean is not necessary. mean is not funny.  Tosh does this a lot too.  Makes me sad because there's so much funny without mean.

Have you seen kids post "that awkward moment when"?  Yes.  you can google it, it has it's own webpage.  Last week, a facebook friend of a friend posted "that awkward moment when a fat kid says "that's how I roll". Yes, I know, some of you giggled.  But- the key is, you might not have intentionally just insulted, hurt, and socially bullied a child who is fat, but you did.  You made it acceptable for someone to say this to an actual fat kid, because laughing means it's OK.

How about "that awkward moment when you get ready and think you look hot, then you put your glasses on"?

oh great.  Cuz I am chunky and use the term "that's how I roll" all the time.  plus I wear glasses.  Awkward moments all around, eh?

.....when you see an obese person driving a Honda fit.
(how do you know said large person isn't fit?  how do you know they can't kick your ass, or kick your ass in a foot race?)
when your obese friend wins hungry hungry hippos (cuz obese people eat more than you?)
when fat people update their status saying ‘they’re hungry’.( cuz obese people shouldn't eat?)

There are some ways to be funny without being cruel....
when you make a Harry Potter reference and none of the muggles get it
when you’re singing a song and the artist gets the words wrong
when you find out your toys have made three movies behind your back
when you post something before you fini
when you realize that was the droid you are looking for

and there are some that toe the line (tow the line?)
when you look at your man then at the old spice guy then back at your man then back to him and sadly, your man isn’t him.(not that I'd do this- but this humor is smart)
....when you get kicked out the library for putting the bible in the fiction section

I just can't understand why people feel cruel is funny, or why people feel that you need to be cruel to be funny..