Sunday, September 11, 2011

Fat, and how I dance with it.

ah- I'm eating my shoe.  I still need my foot.  Or maybe, it's I'm eating my hat.  Whatever.  I was wrong.  Misinformed.  Misconstrued.  Occasionally, Ms. Alanius.

Remember this picture?  and remember how I assumed these women were all unhealthy?  and remember how I was not that accepting?  Even though I am also fat? (yes I am- I know it, fat, not obese, chunky, curvacious, etc, etc).  I was one of those people I hate.  I probably judged these women, even if only a little bit, I judged.  I should go reread that post, since I don't know exactly what I said.

I've had lots of "I'm fat" gripes on here.  This summer, I've seemed to come to terms with it (except that one really hot day where my thighs rubbed and I got a rash).  Other than that, I feel better about not counting calories, not obsessing, not feeling guilty.  I bought clothes that fit and look good on my body (thanks for yoga topped pants).

Then, two days ago, I found Dianne Sylvan.  She wrote the book "Body Sacred".  I am waiting for my library to get it transferred so I can read it.  She suggested a website called "Dances with Fat".  Both talk about a movement called Healthy at Any Size, and discuss issues and fallacies connected to being fat.  I still have to read more into healthy at any size, but what I have read so far has been very inspiring to me to look at my diet.

(Minor digression) My brudder and I just watched a documentary called "Fat, sick, and nearly dying".  It's about a guy who lost weight and all his medical issues through juicing.  He did a juice fast for 60 days.  It has inspired my brudder to juice.  It lead me to think about more veggies and way less meat.  I've been meatless(and beer/wineless) for 3.5 days.

Why'd I digress?  Fat,sick decides that his weight loss and super nutrients are what solved his issues.  maybe it wasn't weight loss.  maybe weight loss was just a side effect of what looks like a 1,400 calorie a day diet. yes, fat sick looks great, feels great.  Maybe that had a lot to do with him eating better- less crap.

That's what Dances with Fat talks about.  And she discusses causation/correlation issues with being fat and medical issues.  She uses facts and figures, published medical articles, and pure intelligence as proof.  She's also a vegan, which amazes me.  Here's an article that is worth reading :
actually her whole blog is worth reading. (the picture above was on her blog)

Does this mean I'm gonna go all willynilly and eat crap and not worry about gaining weight? Nope.  It means I'm going to continue my quest at eating healthy and not worry about weight.  So there.  I'm not counting calories.  I'm not drinking just shakes.  I'm not starving.  I'm not labeling things as bad.  I'm not limiting rice because I love it.  I'm not eating Atkins style.  I'm making sense of things like I used to- primarily I'm eating foods that make me feel healthy and good.  I love veggies, pile them on.  Fried, I know isn't great, so I'll eat it only when I neeeeeed it. (same with icecream).  I am limiting my meat.  But I'm good with that- it doesn't make me feel like I am denying myself when I limit meat.

I almost have the "feel good about myself" thing figured out.  Now if I can keep it going, life will be just about perfect.


AlphaBetsy said...

Good for you, hon. I am going to check these out myself.

Carol said...

You go, girl!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you're in a good place girl.