Wednesday, August 31, 2011

T-shirts with saying (Idiot detectors)

I was lucky enough to work the motorcycle swap meet again this weekend.  It's the same place I met King Ping Pong (remember him?) Mom, this is why I was up at 3 am.
The motorcycle swap meet is full of colorful fellas and gals.  I was blessed with their wit and humor.  Especially on their t-shirts.

"If it has tits or wheels, sooner or later you got problems"

Suddenly I wanted to catch that man and take him home to my mommy!  I mean, look at what he showed on his t-shirt.  He showed that his vocabulary is multifaceted- I mean, breasts would not have been proper for that shirt, eh?  but, tits, now that's a great word.  He also showed that he values women as much as he values his auto.

So many shirts!  So many showing exactly what people wanted to portray as their true selves.  The guys with words like bitch and tits on theirs- yeah, ladies love them.  I love them.  Why?  Because they just gave me a nice hint to stay the heck away from them.

Is this really what you want people to think of you?  Remember, clothing is the first thing people see, your first impression.  When I am teaching, I try to dress comfortable but professional looking.  When I am out and about, I am more of a cute tank and skirt or sundress girl.  I tried the sexy pants and heels- it so wasn't me (my sexy look feels like I'd look when constipated- no, I will not take pictures of both to compare).

Is this what you want people to think of you (or your mom, sister, daughter, girlfriend, wife?)

Is this the man you'd want your daughter, mom, sister to date?

Is this the man/woman you want to spend your life with?

Oh yeah- a real chick magnet.

just, ew

Oh, yeah, now I wanna jump on you.

No, you are right- not all t-shirt sayings are bad.  I bought a great one for Tricia's God complexed husband that read "we will get along better when you worship me" or something like that.  He wears it around family and they all agree it fits him well.
and these are way too cute:

For the expecting ladies:


and this is sooooo true :)

I for one do not wear t-shirts.  They make me look like I have a beachball for a head.  But if I did, I'd surely censure what they had to say or tape their little fabric-ky mouths shut.


Carol said...

Love this post! 'Tis true, gotta be careful what words you put out there for the world to see, especially if the words are big and bright and bold and on your shirt!

Anonymous said...

Thank you! I have thought the same thing when seeing guys with these shirts on.

Also, thank you for the LOL at work.



Mara said...

I saw a great t-shirt recently and then (silly me) I forgot what it said and didn't have a photo of it either!