Thursday, August 11, 2011

Meanderings with Mom

Mom and I decided to follow the Sprague River, we were looking for a spot where it meets the Williamson. We stopped first near the little highschool in town. (town being Chiloquin, population 700)

Some of you hate this particular plant, you are thinking weed...all I see is wishes, and not any wishes, but
HUGE wishes!

I Lichen you <3
(Did you know it came in orange as well as green? I didn't)
Our second stop was a slippery slope, where the lichen picture came from. We really wanted to get closer to the water. Here we stopped to see an abandoned logging factory. The No trespassing sign was nearly unreadable: that counts, right?
I have a thing for feisty thistle.
Tough but pretty.
What's the lady taking a picture of? She's been doing yogic positions to get the picture. The lady is my ever-beautiful and funny Mommy with a capital M.
Handsome here. He's been posing for like a half hour for us.

I love love aspen. They quiver like an overexcited puppy.

I found a new house for us HONEY!!! It has a fireplace and everything.
It has a guest house.

a pump house with access to the river, and I am assuming water rights.

Here's the river.

and it's for sale! great news...It appears it's been for sale for a while.
The view across the street- who wouldn't want to live here?

I'll post my alone meanderings around mommy's yard tomorrow.


Her Mom said...

Fun day! Love your pictures! I haven't looked at mine yet.

Lyn said...

What a beautiful place to live. I mean the area and not the fireplace house!