Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Imaginary Wedding- Sweet theme

Gosh, I spend a lot of time in dream land. I used to throw parties so that I could get this creativity out, but since I don't have my own house, or tons of friends who will tolerate an "alice in wonderland tea just so I could decorate party", I make them up in my head. My current fixation is fun weddings- by current, I mean for 2 years now.

My initial thought had lots of greens and oranges and fairy fern and twinkly
lights and rocks that said "you rock my world".

But then, who can limit it to just two colors? So I thought- how about a "How sweet it is..." wedding? With lollipops, and a candy bar, and cookies, and all colors of the rainbow. I would want cupcakes, of course- the
y are way better than cake because you don't need a fork.

and look- you can make little stands for each cupcake for under a buck!

The bridesmaids could carry suckers instead od stupid ol' allergy inducing flowers.
Pots of pops! and jars of jellies!
Napkin rings/ favors

centerpieces/ table numbers


Table treats/ place cards

This lends a possibility to sweet and frilly dresses, and should be arranged close to a candy eating holiday (like Valentine's Day) for nummy cheap candy.

But, then I got bored with that concept and moved on to another theme. I'll post that tomorrow.


Deborah Castellano said...

Love this! And I can completely relate!

Carol said...

Weddings are over-rated, but then I guess it's a good excuse for a party!