Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Imaginary wedding- carnival

Marasca photography

So, the sweet theme led me to carnival. Primarily because I really like the mustaches you can find on esty. And also because Carnivals have sweets and soooo much more. Carnival- like the fair and/or circus, not the naked people parading in Brazil. All these pictures were taken from Esty dealers, the name of the store is under the picture.

Carnivals have been represented by red stripes and blue accents often. Who said you had to stick with these colors? Look at the above picture- why not use those colors? or just pick two or three. My man loves lime green, I love bright orange. add some yellow or pink or turquoise, or all.

what a great invite!

for seating cards
Oriental trading
It's probably cheap paper- but why couldn't this be copied with 4 wooden frames? great centerpiece and table number idea
way expensive, and needs to be painted- but another cute centerpiece idea!

Gifts? they are soap! and animal crackers!

This is an extremely low priced print your own box for favors, too cute. You could also use them at your candy bar- there has to still be a sweet treat buffet!

I didn't get this seller's name- but too cute. and why couldn't you name your tables "the strong man" "tattooed lady" "flying trapeze"?
Yummy cookies

There has to be popcorn! It's a staple at carnivals.

Straws- but you can leave one side blank for people to put their name- no more lost drinks!

It's soap! and a perfect gift for guests. can you picture of these at each seat?

For a photobooth- oh yes, there will have to be a photobooth!

Replies? "I'll be there with bells on", "I won't be there, I heard there are bells"

more decor!

Of course, there is still a chance for frilly dresses in frothy colors, or we could go steampunk and wear corsets and other carnival finery.

Food would have to be fair food (on a stick). Hot dogs, corn dogs, popcorn, big pretzels, pizza on a stick, beer. Maybe an In-n-out truck would be perfect. mmmmm In n out. haven't had In n out burgers? Get to the US immediately and eat one- because you are not truly living!
You can rent cotton candy machines, sno cone machines, keep pretzels hot machines....and I bet they have a keep ice cream cold machine. ice cream!

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