Monday, August 8, 2011

Choosing a Partner

I was talking to a friend the other day about boyfriends- it was all good talk, OK, honey? But we were talking about how if we had pictured the "perfect man" for ourselves, like we did in our teen years, we would have missed the wonderful people we are with.

If we said we only wanted Val Kilmer (in real genius), with Bill Gates' money, that dude from the old spice commercials' suaveness, and the attentiveness of a cute puppy, then we'd be severely limiting ourselves to a man that doesn't exist.

She, my friend, says she knows a girl who did this! Limited herself, but via email as well. She sent me proof......


  • (As Promised) Need your help in filling a position

    I know this is off-topic, but I need your help in filling a my life. This is a networking & business opportunity. I hope one of my professional colleagues can help find my soulmate. IF YOUR INTRODUCTION LEADS TO MARRIAGE, I'LL GIVE YOU $500.

    While the info I provide is a guideline, some is definite. (Remember these are MY qualifications, & opinions, while appreciated, aren't necessary here.. We all have our reasons.) I'm looking for my best friend, someone to learn from & grow w/every day...someone who's as outgoing, successful, confident (not cocky), caring, ambitious, generous, responsible, ethical, hard-working, dependable, non-judgmental & family-oriented as I am. I'm attracted to men w/dark hair & (preferably) blue/green eyes, who look young, Jewish, 34-42, 5'6"+, American/Caucasian, handsome/cute (Look like Kyle Chandler, Brendan Fraser, Paul Rudd or Dr. Shephard ("Lost")? Ok, they're on TV, but a girl can dream); someone who's cool under pressure, NOT into the clubs/bars or a thrill-seeker, likes to travel, is comfortable meeting new people, has good manners (please!), a great sense of style & humor, & most important, wants to be friends first. Know how to have an intelligent, logical & challenging conversation (or disagreement), but don't talk to hear yourself talk.. Be open-minded & know how to give/take constructive criticism. No one is perfect. PLEASE believe smaller gestures mean more than grand ones. MUST have AT LEAST a college degree!

    TURNOFFS: Bald heads, long hair, tattoos, body piercings, illegal drugs, smokers, long-winded talkers, players, inconsiderate people, push-overs, control freaks, teachers, too much body hair, F/T musicians, & hard core Republicans. Please, no kids; I want my own.

    Synagogue: High Holidays, Sometimes
    Kosher: Not
    Drinking: Never, Socially
    Body Type: Average - A few extra lbs.
    Income: $75,000+

    Please tell me about yourself w/photos. I'll share my website w/MUCH more about me (& you).


I can understand some of it- like it would be odd for an Amish person to marry a Satanist. But then I know a lot of Witches who married Christians and are just fine. Also, Jews and Christians have found a way to live happily. I guess it's priorities.

My priority was to find someone decent who would treat me with love and respect. It was just a bonus that I found him sexy and utterly adorable.


AlphaBetsy said...

I had this crazy long bizarre list of traits I wanted in a lover/ spouse/ boyfriend, and I kind of lucked into finding someone who fit almost every aspect of the list (I haven't tested whether or not he likes Opera yet.) I guess it all depends on your personal priorities. Like my list had absolutely nothing about the physical aspect at all. *shrugs* I hope your friend finds what she is looking for though. :)

Mara said...

I am looking for a male who is around my age and not too weird and I find that's hard to find, let alone find someone with all the traits she described! I wish her luck!

Magaly Guerrero said...

I met my Piano Man online, and although my profile said things like "You won't get along with me if you don't like Witches" I can't believe someone actually listed a salary requirement--wow!

"Dark hair, cool under pressure, without too much body hair..." hope she finds her bio/psycho/engineered mate one of these days...

Lisa said...

Call me crazy, but to me "Networking and Business Opportunity" and "Find my soulmate" really don't go together. And to offer a reward? Methinks she may be single for a long time.

Magaly Guerrero said...

@Lisa "Me thinks" so too; what a psycho.