Wednesday, August 31, 2011

T-shirts with saying (Idiot detectors)

I was lucky enough to work the motorcycle swap meet again this weekend.  It's the same place I met King Ping Pong (remember him?) Mom, this is why I was up at 3 am.
The motorcycle swap meet is full of colorful fellas and gals.  I was blessed with their wit and humor.  Especially on their t-shirts.

"If it has tits or wheels, sooner or later you got problems"

Suddenly I wanted to catch that man and take him home to my mommy!  I mean, look at what he showed on his t-shirt.  He showed that his vocabulary is multifaceted- I mean, breasts would not have been proper for that shirt, eh?  but, tits, now that's a great word.  He also showed that he values women as much as he values his auto.

So many shirts!  So many showing exactly what people wanted to portray as their true selves.  The guys with words like bitch and tits on theirs- yeah, ladies love them.  I love them.  Why?  Because they just gave me a nice hint to stay the heck away from them.

Is this really what you want people to think of you?  Remember, clothing is the first thing people see, your first impression.  When I am teaching, I try to dress comfortable but professional looking.  When I am out and about, I am more of a cute tank and skirt or sundress girl.  I tried the sexy pants and heels- it so wasn't me (my sexy look feels like I'd look when constipated- no, I will not take pictures of both to compare).

Is this what you want people to think of you (or your mom, sister, daughter, girlfriend, wife?)

Is this the man you'd want your daughter, mom, sister to date?

Is this the man/woman you want to spend your life with?

Oh yeah- a real chick magnet.

just, ew

Oh, yeah, now I wanna jump on you.

No, you are right- not all t-shirt sayings are bad.  I bought a great one for Tricia's God complexed husband that read "we will get along better when you worship me" or something like that.  He wears it around family and they all agree it fits him well.
and these are way too cute:

For the expecting ladies:


and this is sooooo true :)

I for one do not wear t-shirts.  They make me look like I have a beachball for a head.  But if I did, I'd surely censure what they had to say or tape their little fabric-ky mouths shut.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Meanderings with Mom

Mom and I decided to follow the Sprague River, we were looking for a spot where it meets the Williamson. We stopped first near the little highschool in town. (town being Chiloquin, population 700)

Some of you hate this particular plant, you are thinking weed...all I see is wishes, and not any wishes, but
HUGE wishes!

I Lichen you <3
(Did you know it came in orange as well as green? I didn't)
Our second stop was a slippery slope, where the lichen picture came from. We really wanted to get closer to the water. Here we stopped to see an abandoned logging factory. The No trespassing sign was nearly unreadable: that counts, right?
I have a thing for feisty thistle.
Tough but pretty.
What's the lady taking a picture of? She's been doing yogic positions to get the picture. The lady is my ever-beautiful and funny Mommy with a capital M.
Handsome here. He's been posing for like a half hour for us.

I love love aspen. They quiver like an overexcited puppy.

I found a new house for us HONEY!!! It has a fireplace and everything.
It has a guest house.

a pump house with access to the river, and I am assuming water rights.

Here's the river.

and it's for sale! great news...It appears it's been for sale for a while.
The view across the street- who wouldn't want to live here?

I'll post my alone meanderings around mommy's yard tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Imaginary wedding- carnival

Marasca photography

So, the sweet theme led me to carnival. Primarily because I really like the mustaches you can find on esty. And also because Carnivals have sweets and soooo much more. Carnival- like the fair and/or circus, not the naked people parading in Brazil. All these pictures were taken from Esty dealers, the name of the store is under the picture.

Carnivals have been represented by red stripes and blue accents often. Who said you had to stick with these colors? Look at the above picture- why not use those colors? or just pick two or three. My man loves lime green, I love bright orange. add some yellow or pink or turquoise, or all.

what a great invite!

for seating cards
Oriental trading
It's probably cheap paper- but why couldn't this be copied with 4 wooden frames? great centerpiece and table number idea
way expensive, and needs to be painted- but another cute centerpiece idea!

Gifts? they are soap! and animal crackers!

This is an extremely low priced print your own box for favors, too cute. You could also use them at your candy bar- there has to still be a sweet treat buffet!

I didn't get this seller's name- but too cute. and why couldn't you name your tables "the strong man" "tattooed lady" "flying trapeze"?
Yummy cookies

There has to be popcorn! It's a staple at carnivals.

Straws- but you can leave one side blank for people to put their name- no more lost drinks!

It's soap! and a perfect gift for guests. can you picture of these at each seat?

For a photobooth- oh yes, there will have to be a photobooth!

Replies? "I'll be there with bells on", "I won't be there, I heard there are bells"

more decor!

Of course, there is still a chance for frilly dresses in frothy colors, or we could go steampunk and wear corsets and other carnival finery.

Food would have to be fair food (on a stick). Hot dogs, corn dogs, popcorn, big pretzels, pizza on a stick, beer. Maybe an In-n-out truck would be perfect. mmmmm In n out. haven't had In n out burgers? Get to the US immediately and eat one- because you are not truly living!
You can rent cotton candy machines, sno cone machines, keep pretzels hot machines....and I bet they have a keep ice cream cold machine. ice cream!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Imaginary Wedding- Sweet theme

Gosh, I spend a lot of time in dream land. I used to throw parties so that I could get this creativity out, but since I don't have my own house, or tons of friends who will tolerate an "alice in wonderland tea just so I could decorate party", I make them up in my head. My current fixation is fun weddings- by current, I mean for 2 years now.

My initial thought had lots of greens and oranges and fairy fern and twinkly
lights and rocks that said "you rock my world".

But then, who can limit it to just two colors? So I thought- how about a "How sweet it is..." wedding? With lollipops, and a candy bar, and cookies, and all colors of the rainbow. I would want cupcakes, of course- the
y are way better than cake because you don't need a fork.

and look- you can make little stands for each cupcake for under a buck!

The bridesmaids could carry suckers instead od stupid ol' allergy inducing flowers.
Pots of pops! and jars of jellies!
Napkin rings/ favors

centerpieces/ table numbers


Table treats/ place cards

This lends a possibility to sweet and frilly dresses, and should be arranged close to a candy eating holiday (like Valentine's Day) for nummy cheap candy.

But, then I got bored with that concept and moved on to another theme. I'll post that tomorrow.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Choosing a Partner

I was talking to a friend the other day about boyfriends- it was all good talk, OK, honey? But we were talking about how if we had pictured the "perfect man" for ourselves, like we did in our teen years, we would have missed the wonderful people we are with.

If we said we only wanted Val Kilmer (in real genius), with Bill Gates' money, that dude from the old spice commercials' suaveness, and the attentiveness of a cute puppy, then we'd be severely limiting ourselves to a man that doesn't exist.

She, my friend, says she knows a girl who did this! Limited herself, but via email as well. She sent me proof......


  • (As Promised) Need your help in filling a position

    I know this is off-topic, but I need your help in filling a my life. This is a networking & business opportunity. I hope one of my professional colleagues can help find my soulmate. IF YOUR INTRODUCTION LEADS TO MARRIAGE, I'LL GIVE YOU $500.

    While the info I provide is a guideline, some is definite. (Remember these are MY qualifications, & opinions, while appreciated, aren't necessary here.. We all have our reasons.) I'm looking for my best friend, someone to learn from & grow w/every day...someone who's as outgoing, successful, confident (not cocky), caring, ambitious, generous, responsible, ethical, hard-working, dependable, non-judgmental & family-oriented as I am. I'm attracted to men w/dark hair & (preferably) blue/green eyes, who look young, Jewish, 34-42, 5'6"+, American/Caucasian, handsome/cute (Look like Kyle Chandler, Brendan Fraser, Paul Rudd or Dr. Shephard ("Lost")? Ok, they're on TV, but a girl can dream); someone who's cool under pressure, NOT into the clubs/bars or a thrill-seeker, likes to travel, is comfortable meeting new people, has good manners (please!), a great sense of style & humor, & most important, wants to be friends first. Know how to have an intelligent, logical & challenging conversation (or disagreement), but don't talk to hear yourself talk.. Be open-minded & know how to give/take constructive criticism. No one is perfect. PLEASE believe smaller gestures mean more than grand ones. MUST have AT LEAST a college degree!

    TURNOFFS: Bald heads, long hair, tattoos, body piercings, illegal drugs, smokers, long-winded talkers, players, inconsiderate people, push-overs, control freaks, teachers, too much body hair, F/T musicians, & hard core Republicans. Please, no kids; I want my own.

    Synagogue: High Holidays, Sometimes
    Kosher: Not
    Drinking: Never, Socially
    Body Type: Average - A few extra lbs.
    Income: $75,000+

    Please tell me about yourself w/photos. I'll share my website w/MUCH more about me (& you).


I can understand some of it- like it would be odd for an Amish person to marry a Satanist. But then I know a lot of Witches who married Christians and are just fine. Also, Jews and Christians have found a way to live happily. I guess it's priorities.

My priority was to find someone decent who would treat me with love and respect. It was just a bonus that I found him sexy and utterly adorable.