Wednesday, July 27, 2011

This week's thoughts on D----bags

Yes, I know it has been months. MONTHS. I've been feeling uninspired. about everything. Then I get inspired, buy all the stuff I need for that inspiration, and peter out within a few days. But this week's thoughts stuck in my head.

I really should just title this "what the?". You know the last word is heck. Cussing is bad.

So, Men give men a bad name. I have a hard time having faith in the male population and I know it's not good. Look at Charlie Sheen. He thinks womanizing and being an ass are both cool. Or the movies out that were most likely written by men that give boys a hall pass to cheat on their wife or a way to sleep with a girl and not be emotionally accountable (I know they probably end with a lesson but these are the premises of the movies). All of Hollywood depicts commitment as a wimpy thing to do, and cheers on the bad boys. A lot of men I meet agree with that. They aren't gonna get "tied down", or heaven forbid, sleep with only one woman for the rest of their lives! They are beholden to none, the lone wolf.

It's hard to believe that a man would want love and commitment once you talk to soooo many of these guys.

Then, I talk to the king of these men this past weekend. And I want to punch him in the head. Just to shut him up, of course, not to injure him. We were at a swap meet for motorcycles and such- a real man's swap meet. Some guy (50ish, beer belly, wearing a tshirt with some stupid sentence on it) was talking about his sport (pingpong). I was discussing men and women with the neighbor (booth), and King Ping Pong had to butt in. Oh yeah, he's a real ladies' man. He treats them like shit and they crawl back to him. We should all be impressed.

I came up with warning signs for such a d-----bag.
1. He dropped names like he knew them. Some of these d-bags use celebrity names, others use places, like the Ritz, this guy used his military career and where he was stationed.

2. He shortened those names to initials, but then expanded them so we could know what he was talking about. Like, So, Chuck and I were eating a dog the other day, Chuck, you know, Charlie Sheen... But this guy did it with PI an Phillipian Islands.(sp)

3. They talk about socially unacceptable things like we all accept them. Some make comments about other races, some make comments about religion, some make comments about the president. They all follow it with a laugh like I should be laughing with them. Until I say, I am an unbiased democrat witch. This dude talked about hiring a prostitute like all guys do it with ease.

4.They are all invariably heartless. It goes along with #3. is it ok to make fun of someone because they are mentally handicapped? or because they are from Iraq? or because they are Black? or because they are a Woman? They , the d-bags, tell us tales about what they did to these people. Apparently, King Ping Pong would throw money at the prepubescent girls forced into prostitution in the PI. The money would fall into the disgusting poop filled river and the girls would have their toddler brothers swimming in the poop to save the money so they might eat that night. Ha, effin Ha.

5. They consider women as something to use and throw away. But not all women. they must be a specific height and weight to be with King d-bag. Heaven forbid they get a gut like he was carrying, or a wrinkle, or an opinion.

Ok- I know all men are not like that King PingPong D-bag. I am sure there are a few winners out there. A few who love and value their wives, girlfriends, children, mothers, etc. A few who think that commitment, marriage, love, and emotions are good things. I am sure there are some that are incognito as well- feeling it in their hearts but not saying it out loud because someone might consider them wimps. BUT MAN! say it- because the loud obnoxious d-bags are the ones that are representing mankind.