Tuesday, May 3, 2011

weekly update

I tried to get on yesterday to post a quote from Martin Luther King Junior about not celebrating the death (murder) of even your enemies- but google and blogger have been acting wonky on my home computer as of late. That and my ever moving cursor makes computering difficult.

So, Today, I am in a classroom about a block from the beach. It is sunny and hot here. I am trying not to get the urge to run down the street when I am supposed to be working. It's lunch break, so this is allowed.

Last week's post about my good friend and mentor, David, was pretty fun for me (Lisa pointed out I was a bit passive aggressive- and it prompted me to think about other times in my life- I am! I am also really good at pointing the finger at p/a people and ignoring that I am as well at times- It was good thinking for me). I do have to give the dude credit, though. He's right about calories in/calories out- and also about getting moving. He doesn't know me, or you, or any of our extraneous circumstances, though, and he sure doesn't know how to be nice or tactful. and- I still wouldn't go out with him if he tried to pick me up in a club when I was at my fittest.

Funny thing is, I had been making changes already to my lifestyle. I had already joined a gym. I have a trainer for a few sessions. I had been watching my calories for weeks. I try to stick around 1300 a day but I think that may still be too much for me for weight loss.

He doesn't know my (or your) basal metabolism. He doesn't know my allergies or how my body processes carbs/protiens/fats. He didn't check my medical chart to see that I am missing a gall bladder and that I am hitting 40 soon. Or that I suspect I might be starting perimenopause.

This is why generalizations don't always work.

But- I am feeling good- sore, achy, and some days I can't move my quadriceps, but good. It's warmer so lighter foods appeal to me anyway. And I have realized a lot of this feeling sorry for myself and motivation to lose weight is not [only] about health. I'm vain. I want to look good in a bikini. I want to be the best looking me I can be. I said it. I have a flaw. (wink).

How's your May been so far?


Lisa said...

I attended a womens' self defense class, planted 10 holly bushes and weeded the veggie garden we share with some friends. I. can. hardly. walk. I'm sure my hips, quads and calves are wondering what the #@*! happened.

Thanks for asking! ;-)

Mara said...

Ehm, well, I am bound to loose a few pounds! Scared to eat because I might throw up again does that to you...

Her Mom said...

I don't think caring how you look is a flaw; I think it's a matter of personal pride. Taken to the extreme, yes, then it could be a flaw. Good for you! I think you feel better about you when you're working out too.