Thursday, May 26, 2011

Pretty pictures

and some not so pretty.....
I got a few new tattoos. One is an orobouros- (a snake eating her tail) but in a triple loop knot. The picture is incomplete because i added a spiral and a few dots to balance her between my uneven boobicles-

The second is a troll cross- to keep trolls away. Someday I want to research when trolls stopped being thought of as kind (they built churches with my ancestors) and started being thought of as mean and ogre-y. Was it that one troll who got cranky and attacked the billy goats Gruff that did it?I'm going to get my back touched up next (I have the triple moon and a pent in the middle) I need to decide colors for shading.

Someone gave me these for Bruumie:

I made this for a friend. It's from John Murphy's "Invasion of the plush monsters" and it's a purse!

I went to a gem faire near my home- this was only one table of hundreds. I bought myself some gifts because it was on Mother's day.

This is what I bought: Clockwise- there is a little lion/dragon/dog in the box at 12 o'clock. he's been glued to Bruumie to protect her from bad guys and bad vibes.
1 oclock- green turquoise earrings. Orange quartz (in a bag).Two necklaces- one green turquoise and one crystal (citrine?)- the silver parts come off to clip onto other necklaces! (each piece was only 3 bucks).Then a green/purple flourite point/ wand. Selenite wand. Green turquoise ring. and I think, citrine, crystal ball.

And- my 18 year old's foot- after surgery and 20 pins. He broke both ankle bones and a small bone in his foot. You know how fingers have 3 bendable parts? so do toes have 3 rows of bones (tarsals)- the third row had one broken in half that won't heal without surgery. Motorcycle (dirtbike) injury. He and his sister went riding instead of school, I believe, and he hit a bump or something and crashed. he was wearing full gear- even motorcycle boots.The surgeon must be related to Dr. Frankenstein.


Crunchy Diva said...

i love your tattoos i have a trinity knot on my right shoulder myself. i want to get it enhanced. i hope your son is foot is doing okay.

SuziCate said...

Dang, that foot looks painful! Hope he heals quickly.
I LOVE that purse! You are so talented.
You'll have to show pics of Brumie after you add her decor!
A gem show, wow! I'd love to go to one of those!
That is interesting about trolls...must have been the billy goats who did his reputation in!

Judy said...

OUCH!! They always look so bad, but we hope they heal properly...

AlphaBetsy said...

Your tattoos are beautiful. I want more, but it will have to wait until after the wedding *sigh*. The stones you picked up are fantastic. I always miss the gem shows. I need to pay more attention. Your son's foot looks super ouchy. Hopefully it will heal quickly for him and not give too much trouble.