Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Niceness is a lost art form. as well as patience and communication. Sexy Boyfriend owns his own business. A large part of it is sending parts via phone or computer orders. These parts are often special ordered through a warehouse and mailed via UPS. So a lot of the orders' timeliness and state of arrival depends on outside sources. This sucks for boyfriend because he gets the flack.

Lemme tell you about recent orders: One man called to order 4 wheels and tires. He wanted to pay but couldn't get his credit card to work. He and SBF worked for a long while on getting the man just what he wanted. (SBF spends a lot of time on the phone with customers). SBF asked the man to pay through paypal. It's one of the easiest and safest ways to pay. He also like paypal better than dealing witht he credit card companies. Man grumped. He didn't want to use paypal. SBF said that man could easily use paypal without actually signing up for paypal. It is an option. Man yelled. Man in sisted he knew how it worked. Man grumped paypal had stolen money from him (this is a sign that man had a bad business deal in the past). Man kept yelling and pushing so SBF told man that was his only choice. Too bad so sad. Man tol,d SBF that SBF just lost a customer. Man then went online and purchased online from SBF for more money. I believe he had to pay through paypal too- but I could be wrong. Man's products were ordered against SBF's better judgement and sent to man. The box the products were in was smushed and products had a tiny ding in one of the four. Man grumped to SBF demanding $100 bucks off order. SBF, although it was UPS's fault, offered to trade the product for a new shiny one. SBF called the wheel and tire people, had a new one sent out (New one was then charged to SBF so SBF is now out money) as well as a call tag to return the dented product. Man calls SBF- he says he has no time to return dented product, though he will keep the new one anyway, and still wants money back!!!!!
I call this stealing. If I trade you the old dented product for a new shiny one and you keep both although you only bought one- you just stole from me. SBF has no way to fight this- no way to police this issue. Big auctioning companies online only allow you to rate seller- not customer.

Woman orders from online a pair of bicycle grips. SBF has 400 products online and tries to keep them updated but sometimes things slip through- like this one. Woman pays $16. SBF writes woman- "I'm sorry, those grips are backordered fromt he supplier- Do you want your $back, to order a different pair, or to wait?". No answer from woman. Woman complains to ebay so SBF has a strike against him. Woman writes SBF a letter "You are a liar and a cheat. I hope you live a crappy life. You suck"- or something very very much like this. (REALLY). SBF writes woman "I'm sorry for the misunderstanding. I hope you have a nice day"...Woman writes back- "see you are a liar and a jerk" kind of letter.

What is happening to this world?People are way too spoiled and retribution happy!If you have a problem with a comapny, why can't people call the company and politely explain what they need before they go all crazy and punsihment wild? And why the yelling and name calling? and why expect more than you paid for? free stuff?

SBF is a sole owner of a company. The money the company loses comes from his pocket and depletes my friday night margaritas. He is also fair and worries about his reputation. If something goes out of his shop wrong or damaged, even if it is the manufacturer or shipping comapny who is at fault, SBF will do everything he can to make the customer happy. He will do everything he can to fix the problem.

But so many people do not let him. They just react. and the react harshly! Bullies! It's so easy to be a bully via internet, email, and phone, isn't it?

I bought a bag of waterballoons the other day. 6 of them were stuck together and unusable. I did not call the company and threaten to sue. If it were really important, I would have asked the store if I could have my money back or trade them for new ones. If I got $ back- I would not have requested more than I paid for them. If I traded for new ones, I would have not kept the old ones.
I went to the grocery store looking for booberry cereal. The store did not have any. I did not write them a nasty letter and tell them they deserved to live a crappy life. I did not call the better business bureau. I did not threaten to never go there again.

Patience, kindness, compassion- all of these are necessary to live together in harmony. All of these things are so rarely honed these days.

I'm juyst saying I am glad I am a sub. I don't have to deal with big mean people.


AlphaBetsy said...

Wow... that really and truly is ridiculous. I think it is a sad sign of society that people think they are owed something. Things happen people. And as long as the person is being nice to you and trying to make it right, then get over it.

Magaly Guerrero said...

Rub your man's back, often.

I write long emails to people who take extra care mailing things I ordered online. I write letters to banks about employees who have been extra nice. A week ago I had to contact an insurance company and complain against a doctor; it took me a long time to do this, but they were treating one of my family members terribly.

You are right, some people are just terrible, uneducated and have no ethics, that is why we have to say extras thanks to the rare ones who give a damn.

I hope things go better in the future...

Her Mom said...

It's that "me first, to heck with you", "you owe me" thing we've developed. I have a theory about part of the cause which I won't share because I don't wish to get pelted, but we have become a society with far too many very selfish members. It does make you really appreciate the nice ones!

mrsb said...

Wow, I wish every company gave the service SBF does! Sounds like he goes above and beyond!