Monday, April 11, 2011


It's Spring Break next week for me.  You might see me more then- and after that comes summer- which will give me more blogging and READING blogs time. I started this blog a year ago primarily because I was hooked on reading blogs- it started out as wedding blogs and inched into witch blogs- then I adopted "I like this person" blogs- you see, I go a bit crazy with everything I do.  I don't just adopt one cat- I end up with 6.
Anyhoo, I started the blog while I was at home with a broken leg.  I had been walking (and drinking) at a sand drag event.  My boyfriend was drag racing his electric golf cart- yes, it is as funny as it sounds.  He has us drive his little two seater golf cart out onto the sand drag tracks and it plops right next to a $100,000 hugely paddle tire-d jeep or drag racer.  The crowd giggles.  Last year, I ran beside the car taking pictures (I exaggerate).  This year, we went again to the drag races- he pulled his golf cart out next to the big guys- and he kicked butt!!!! he raced 3 times!  that's huge.  We laughed because everyone didn't expect his little cart to go so fast.  Last year we didn't race so I made the margaritas, slipped a little in the soft sand, and bam, broken leg.  This year, I wasn't allowed margaritas (I used my friend's Margarita chapstick- she's the holistic homesteader on the side).  No broken anything. Ok, maybe a bit of a broken heart because we argued- but I am maintaining that is Mercury in retrograde's fault.
So, slowly, you will see me more.  I especially felt the need after my mom sent me this link: Blogging as a Hobby. 
It's from January- but being noticed is nice.

I had about 3 things I was gonna grump about last week.  Grumping letters and blogs are my favorite to write because they feel more like debates, and boy, I loved debating in college.  I was pretty dern good at it.  I think I'll save those posts til tomorrow though- because I have pretty much babbled you out now.

But, Here's what I have been spending time on this week:
First I had to beg and wear down the old codger I live with.  For two years I have been asking for something fuzzy and have been told I have enough fuzzy things- the boyfriend sports a beard and a fuzzy head, the dog is all hair.  I ask everytime something fuzzy comes on TV- "Can I have that?" and I always get a no.  A cat was out of the question because the dog would torment him/her.  A rat was a no because they don't like rats at all.  But when Kitty Pinkstars, a friend on FB showed me pictures of her Ethel- her hamster- I knew what I wanted!  I showed BF's dad pics of her every day.  I stopped by pet stores and took pics.  He finally conceded- he was going to get me one for Easter, but I pouted to boyfriend why I should get one earlier.  (Yes, I know I am a spoiled two year old).  So, now Ruby Dooby Doo is home.  Old Codger runs into the toom everytime he hears me talk in a sweet voice- "is she up?" he excitedly squeals.  He is smitten.  Now, if I could only get her to love me.  slowly- in time


Her Mom said...

So are hamsters as snooty as cats about loving their owners? Like, when it's convenient for them, they might give you the pleasure of having them cuddle with you? And oh yes - it's hard to have a relationship without an argument now and then.

Lisa said...

Well, now you really shouldn't get a cat! Ruby is a cutie. I'm sure you'll post many pics in the coming months!