Friday, April 15, 2011

My poor poor mommy

New editor wasn't letting me post- it just kept spinning and spinning like a neurotic hamster!
Speaking of hamsters, this is my Ruby Dooby Doo

Any how, the title, my poor poor mommy was something I realized yesterday- my mommy is so patient. A few times a month, I stop by the grocery store on the way home from work with no idea what I need to make that I have in my mind- Yesterday, for example, I decided I wanted to make a no bake pie. I called her to get her recipe for her yogurt/cool whip pie. She read that and a few other recipes to me, then I decided I was going a whole 'nother way with pudding and nanners.
Last month, I called and asked "what am I having for dinner?"
before that I pondered via phone with her "how am I fixing my chicken"
and a year ago "what kind of wine do I like?"

see? and yet she stills answers her phone when it rings at 3;30- You'd think she'd figured out that that is when I am in the grocery store!


Mara said...

Gran... how do you get maggots out of the wheelie bin?

That's the weirdest question I ever asked my gran. But I will on occasion phone my mum to ask her how something can be solved (watery mashed potato and no potatoes left: just add something like oatmeal and nobody will be any the wiser). I have never been known to ask her what I want for dinner though. Although I will ask my mum what she's having for dinner before deciding wether (shouldn't there be another h in there somewhere?) or not to stay.

Where would we be without mums?

Her Mom said...

But that's what moms are for - except sometimes it's hard for moms to remember what kind of wine you like or to know what you want for dinner when they don't know what they want for dinner.