Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Men - humph

BF was telling the old codger and I about a friend of ours- apparently he's gonna be a daddy (the friend- not BF or codger). The friend looks like 14 yr old boy, so it makes me giggle that he actually had s-e-x. Oh dear.
Anyway- what are the normal questions one should ask when finding out this info? Who's the girl? Have you met her? are they happy? do they have jobs?
What does old codger ask? "Is she good looking?"-
oh Gawd.
Define good looking. Define it, old man, to this pmsing bloated woman who has cut calories to no avail. To a woman who has heard things like "Kirstie Ally is a good dancer but she's fat now- she dances good FOR A FAT GIRL" or- "man she has a pretty face, too bad her legs are thick".
Hey- have you looked in the mirror lately? and your personality ain't winning any points either. Neither is your grammar (ain't).
I'm sick of feeling like shit because society tells me that I have to be thin to be attractive. yes, i understand that both my weight and my attitude are my own responsibility- but quite frankly, I suck at both- especially when I am pmsing, and when beer is nummy.
I'm sick of friends who post pictures of starving models with enhanced boobs on their facebook pages. sheesh. If they are healthy and have a brain- go for it- brains are sexy. So are firemen who save kittens. Or librarians. Or teachers *
and now- I'm supposed to slip into a bathing suit. Luckily, I still love my Marilyn Monroe one piece I bought last year, with rouching, a halter top, and suck in the baby tummy panties.


Anonymous said...

Fuck Yeah! I'm in a quest to lose some junk in my goal dress size???? 14! I love my curves, but I don't love my high blood sugar and cholesterol. Flaunt those curves and throw those anorexic models a donut. Also, just as an aside, over the last 2 decades I've asked every man I've known what their ideal woman looks like....most answer "womanly" with hips, thighs and breast. I wonder if women become so thin in competition with other women?

Her Mom said...

In medieval times, women were voluptuous, which has nothing to do with pretty. In our times, someone decided thin is good, and while thinner (but not bony skinny)is healthier, it should not be a prerequisite for being pretty or attractive or loved. Eat well and in moderation, reduce calories here and there to make up for that beer or wine or margarita, recognize that some things are what they are, and don't worry about what others think about it! Your body is not your soul or your heart.

AlphaBetsy said...

My goal size is a 14 too. :) I like my curves, and let's be honest when I was a sz 5 I was absolutely no happier than when I am not.