Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A man's opinion- a real man's comment on my blog

I was gonna post a comment about the word "just", or a pick of my new tattoos, or some other wonderful happy witty tidbits, but we will have to do that tomorrow. Today I am going to review a comment that was placed on an extremely old post of mine- I just found it in my moderation box today- he commented last week.

" i dont know how i stumbled on your blog, o yea i was googling extremly obese ppl and that pic came up. Look you are clearly obsessed with your weight and about being fat. Btw you are fat not really obese but yes you are noticably overwieght. as a man if i saw you in a club i would quickly pass you up. My point is since your clearly obsessed with being thin then just do it. Go to the gym, exercise, restrict your diet to less calories in than out. What will statistically happen is you may start a diet and exercise plan then most likely will quit shortly after that. (its why gysm give away so many 2 week and 1 month trials) i hope you do start but odds or most of you who read this wont even start exerciseing. Anyway just do it. GO! stop blaming niptuck and hollywood and plastic surgeons. they didnt make you fat you made yourself fat through your actions (or inaction). You just sound really childish and unappealing to men. take my advice. And most women read this blog so they can feel alittle better about their own bodies but they are all wasting time that could be spent at the gym. I know, i usta be 272 pounds, now im down to 160. losing weight was by far the hardest thing i have ever done ever. but in retrospect it was totally worht it. I mean i am really hot now. and i feel great too."

Dear David (his name), I am so glad you found my blog and felt free enough to express your opinion. I am also glad that you felt strong enough to generalize me and "how I am" by merely reading a partof the blog that I use to get out my frustrations. I especially love that you feel I am petty and childish, and that you think I am a big fat quitter or lazy. I am tantalized that you spend time looking up pictures of obese people. I will cry at nights about you, or someone as fabulous and hot as you, passing me up at the clubs that I don't go to. I really love how you read all my posts and looked for the deeper meanings, especially the ones about TV shows that glorify the emaciated body. I adore how you think so highly of yourself that you don't bother to capitalize I. I am sure my friends, my readers, love how you clumped them all into the fat lazy category, too. They will also appreciate your stunning wisdom on how going to the gym and counting calories will automatically make everyone thin and hot. Or how you linked thin to hot (thus perpetuating the whole point I was making).
and oh, dear David, the man who keeps his profile hidden even though he carries such wisdom and sage advice, I would pass you up at the club merely because you are an ass.
Love, the girl who doesn't give an eff what you think.


Danni said...

What an asshat. Thank you for rebuking that in such a classy and well written manner, I'm sure it was difficult being as how you're terribly childish. But then again, so am I, since I think I know the post and know I commented on it.

Also, dear asshat, please run this magical weight loss equation by me again, because it has never worked wonders for me. After 6 months of steady exercise and changing my eating habits to be healthier and less in then what I burn, I've only lost a whopping 3 pounds.

But, I suppose that's because I'm fat and lazy, not because my metabolism is slow as shit or my hormones are a bit off.

Good Grief.

Mara said...

Wow! I am at a loss for words and don't really know how to describe him. Idiot? Cretin? Dogpoo? Idiotic stinky cretinous ignoramous! That's it.

AlphaBetsy said...

Well, he's got balls. Possibly not brains, but balls a plenty.

I agree with Danni about the amazing and well written rebuke you penned. I couldn't have been that classy. Well done. :)

Lyn said...

What a silly, annoying man. I think all his weight loss shrunk his brain and manners.

Lisa said...

You're very cute when you're passive aggressive. ;-)

Andy said...

He wasn't worth a reply.

greekwitch said...

Oh my God! I am speechless and that is not something that happens to me often! I never understand why some people feel the need to take a load of their ISSUES on other people! Dude! Go to therapy!