Thursday, April 14, 2011


I'd post a pic of my Troll cross tattoo for this entry, but I am at work and have no access to pictures of any kind.  The school district I work for apparently monitors what people are doing on their computers- even teachers.  The teacher I am working for today left explicit instructions that I only use the class computers designated for students, and I only use them at lunch if I even need them.  Yeah- wasn't gonna hop on the computer when I am supposed to be working.  Apparently she had a sub at one time looking up sporting goods prices while he was supposed to be monitoring students (moniter? ack).  I hope they just misunderstood and he was actually checking this stuff between classes- because that is just wrong and creates an unhealthy environment for the next sub who is not closely watched and limited.

I can understand her request not to use her computer, though.  It's hers, and it's personal.  Just like her desk drawers and cupboards (I only go through them if I can't readily find things I need like bandaid or a pass to the nurse's office.
I can even understand her request that I don't steal her pencils and pens.  Or that I clean up the classroom before I leave.  and emopty the trash.  All this I do anyway usually.  Stealing is bad and mommy taught me to leave things better than I found them.

But....she instructed me, I quote, "Do not read sub plans to the students".  What?  There are times I have kids go "Ms.Whosawhatits doesn't make us do that- and I read them what their teacher wrote that usually says "do that".  Or if I don't understand, "do chapter 3 in the Crash book and make sure you SLANT".  I have to read it to the kids so they can translate it into English- Crash is a novel and slant is an acronym for Sit-up, Listen, Ask/answer, nod/notes, Track.  I should have the right to read sub plans if I choose.  I won't read the part where she tells me that this class is difficult, or that Juan is attention-challenged.  If she doesn't want it to be read, if it can't be said aloud, don't write it! 

Of course, then there were various other demands that I already knew but no feel less inclined to do them because they sounded like orders and not requests.  I am paid to be here and teach the kids from 7:30-3:00, I am not paid to crawl on the floor and get paper scraps, etc- But I do because I care.  I care less when you have a slightly trollish personality though.


Mara said...

Indeed, why write something if you don't want it to be read? She should put it in her diary then and hide it underneath the floor boards of her bedroom!

greekwitch said...

I am a bit of a control freak but i never take it on other people! Reading this story made me a bit more mad than i would anticipate! Where is that coming from? Sorry, i wanted to comment about that Bitch not my issues! I can't end that message with "love and light" can i?