Thursday, March 31, 2011

I thought he was gonna do it...

I see I am not alone on my thoughts about raising kids!  And oh my gosh, one teacher can't use a red pen because it is mean!!! I had heard about that, and usually I use whatever is lying around to grade, but quite frankly, red shows up better and that's the goal- to show where the student needs to work to get better.

and as for my gripes- I gotta thousand of them, like losing only 8 pounds in five weeks even though I feel like 1000-1200 calories should be fairing me better.  damn old body.  Or whining like a two year old for a hamster.  Jeesh- every night when I get tired my poor boyfriend has to deal with a pouty baby.  I should grow up.

But here's what my real post is about- and it is also a concern of mine.  Yesterday, I was driving to school- on my scooter (did I tell you my daughter teases me about my use of "-" instead of punctuation?  If it is good enough for Elizabeth Barret Browning...) ANYWAY- I saw a doggy in the street.  It was to the right of me as I was turning left, near the median, and heading across to the park.  A group of people were standing there staring at it, but it wasn't on a leash, and I don't think it was theirs.  I didn't stop.  I would usually have, in my old life, when I had no job and my own backyard.  I would have stopped, asked the people if it was theirs, put it in my car, drove it to my backyard, and put up signs until the owner came and got it.  We had a pug for a few days because of this.  We nursed a pigeon back to health.  I don't like leaving animals to fend for themselves when they can't. 
But I was on my way to work.  I was driving a scooter. And I had no backyard to put him in.  I still feel bad.  It doesn't look like he got hurt.  Thank the Gods.  I wouldn't want that guilt to further crush me.  You might find me saving spiders next.  Oh, wait, I already do.
So, what if everyone became like me?  It's already heading that way.  Most people think that doing something for charity means posting some inane comment on their facebook wall for a day.  How is my posting a comment gonna stop child abuse, or breast cancer?  It's not.  Not that I am as altruistic as I can be.  I did president and work every weekend for a nonprofit agency for years.  Until i realized it was taking away from my kids.  Then I did PTA for years.  Until I went back to school.  Now I dabble a bit with things like sewing these sock creatures for my brother's school's charity, or buying cookies in front of the grocery store.  Or sponsoring someone in the Relay for life.  That's not much.  It's not like my amazing brother who works in missions in Uganda for the summer.  Or sponsors kids from Honduras for college. 
But what if people get lazier than me?  What if our whole society thinks that a post is enough?  I don't think this is going to happen- seeing how many people are way more giving than I am- but it still scares me.  That poor puppy yesterday, I hope someone took the time, had the car, and the backyard to help him.  I hope someone realized work could wait for five minutes- but a puppy in the street can't.


Her Mom said...

Would that we could cure the ills of the world. Every little bit helps though, although I could get off my backside and work to help out a whole lot more than I do. I suspect many of us could, but the question is will we? Will I? Does feeding birds count?

Lisa said...

I've been known to secure a stray dog and contact neighbors or call vets to track down the owner through a rabies tag number. One time I found a stray on my way to work, picked it up and took it with me. He stayed with me all day until I tracked down his irresponsible owner and took him back when the day was done. I hated giving him back to her.

Check out my post for today. I think you will love it. It's one woman's vision to make a neighborhood a better place to live.

And...I save spiders too. ;-)

Lisa said...

I would have sworn I commented on this. Guess I messed it up somehow.

Anyhoo...I'm one that also takes in stray dogs and makes calls to the neighbors as well as vets if they're wearing rabies tags. Saw a stray in the neighborhood on the way to work one day and after knocking on doors figured out his name and owner. Not home, of course. Took him to work with me and tracked down the irresponsible owner. It was hard taking him back at the end of the day. They didn't even know he was gone!

And...I save spiders too.

Check out my entry Before I Die. I think you will like it.