Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The problem with students nowadays..

Ok- not all students- but this seems to be rampant in every low scoring class that I have seen.  Some of the kids are in these classes because of learning disabilities, but not all.  Lemme tell you- I have seen some great hardworking kids with learning disabilities.  I have seen kids who work at trying to solve a problem- even if they don't get it right- they still obviously try.
But lately, I have seen a lot of kids not try.  This makes me so sad and angry.  Students get a paper and I walk them through it and  still they don't even bother to lift a pencil.  Students get a math problem and just say "it's too hard, do it for me..." or "it's too boring"  or "can I do this later at home?(or in a special study class for kids who need even more time to get classwork and homework done)" 
What? They are giving up before even starting?  I'd use the word lazy but heard a story of a woman who worked as a teacher and used the word lazy about her class and ended up fired.
Today the morning class had to do a few things.  1) read for 15 minutes and write 1 sentence about what you read. 2) write one paragraph about your weekend.  3) fill in the blanks about cause and effect 4) write a persuasive letter.   I had to chide students into reading then writing the whole one sentence.   The paragraphs about their weekend were more like 2 sentences.  The fill in the blanks I almost spoon fed them verbally.  About half the students didn't bother to listen as I taught and asked me what went in the effects squares.  I just read it to you! Paused when the answer came up in the paragraph.  Pointed to the damn square it should be written in.  and verbally said "this square should say...."!!!!!
The letter went like this:  " We need to write a letter to persuade people to join an after school club.  Please think about what kind of club you would like to start.  I would like to start an art club.  Jacob here (who likes to use the fact that he is Asian in every conversation) would like to start an asian club.  Alan, what club would you like to start? (Alan says hiphop)...Ok, please pick up your pencils.  Place them on the first line of the lined paper you have in front of you.  Write 'I am starting an after school __________club'.  Fill in the blank with the type of club you would start. I will write art for my club.".......................
Do you see what I am saying?  How I walked the kids through the whole dern thing?  I then showed them how to give three brief reasons to join the club in the intro paragraph (enjoyment, college transcripts, help with other curriculum).  I even told them they could use the same reasons.  I gave examples of other reasons.  Then use reason #1 for paragraph two.  "Art club will bring you enjoyment by...."
Use reason # 2 for paragraph 3.

I basically wrote their essay in cloze (fill in the blank form).  And I still got papers turned in with one sentence on them!
Not because they don't understand.  But because they don't feel like doing it.  It's booooring.  It's tooo hard.  Wah wah wah.
I really don't understand this lack of drive in people.  I really don't understand how anyone can take education so lackadaisically.  I just don't understand why they don't just get it done! 
The same thing happened for math.  Except it was only 3 students whining.  One student finished and had 40 minutes free time.  The three chose to fiddle around, whine, complain, whimper, and grump until class was over, leaving them with homework.
Where does this come from?  There can't be that many parents who don't value education enough to preach the necessity of doing schoolwork and taking pride in it to their kids.


AlphaBetsy said...

I am currently taking college courses, college so they are paying to take these classes, and I find the same thing in my fellow students. It just seems ridiculous to me. I just want to scream at these adults who are willing to half-ass their way through class. If you don't care, then why are you here? I just don't get it.

Mara said...

I guess it's a parent problem. If the parents don't value education (well, obviously they do when they come into school yelling at you because you let their kid fail), the children won't value it either. And perhaps those children think they will sail through life hardly knowing how to write their own name!

Anonymous said...

It is the same a my school too but I have figured that it is because the kids are smart enough to know that now - you will spoon-feed them, you won't move on to another level and if they don't get it in this school year then when they move up to the next year the teacher will teach that level all over again. There is no reason to try at all. The part that scares me is that when all of us are too old and the self-starting kind of kids will be sooo few that it will be scary to see them in charge of the world because they cannot problem solve. I asked our Grade 6 teacher if she could see her kids in the principals job, in her job, or mine. She looked horrified.
I try to not think about it too much.
Hugs and sparkles - WG

Her Mom said...

And then we wonder why the rest of the world is overtaking us in technological advances.

ArtsyNina said...

It's sad. People (parents, teens, twenties) are so wrapped up in their social sites and running around doing blah blah blah, that they are ignoring their kids. TV does the parenting. Daycare raises the babies. All of this political correctness is ruining our kids. My friend is a HS teacher - and she is unable to correct papers with a red pen anymore - because it might make a kid feel bad. Ridiculous.

Pallas Renatus said...

My parents used to watch over our neighbor's two middle-school-aged kids for a few hours every day. One of them, while she didn't have any learning disabilities or ADD, couldn't do simple addition, and if you asked her a question you could see her staring at you intently waiting for you to give the answer.

When my dad told her she had to do her homework, but come up with the answers herself, she looked incredulous; the idea had simply never occurred to her before. It was truly painful to watch.