Tuesday, February 8, 2011

How can I tell You are Engaged?

Man! I worked all week last week.  Usually I get a day off or a half day, and always I get to sleep in on the weekends, but last week was an exception.  It started off with sixth graders who wouldn't be quiet!  There were three boys who were really trying my patience.  Then, luckily, I got switched out from a second day with those hoodlums to work with pre-K for the rest of the week (and Monday).  PreK is fabulous- the kids are hyper and sometimes don't listen, but they don't act that way to test the teacher, they act that way because they are silly wiggleworms. 
So, over the weekend I got up way too early.  I helped paint characters on a nursery wall.  I actually drew out Pooh, Hefflelump, Piglet, Gopher, Rabbit, and Tigger freehand!  I was proud of my art skills.  I started painting in pieces of them and then the day ran out.  I am going back with my friends to finish up in two weeks- I can't wait to see the finished project.
Sunday was the big game- I went to a car show in the early morning, then ate too much and drank too much while watching the game.  I was happy with outcome and enjoyed my day- but went straight to bed when I got home.
Monday- Monday we were evacuated from the classroom!  A pipe bomb was in a store across the street from the school.  We spent three hours trying to keep the little guys in a row and entertained.  I actually resorted to singing the horrible song- Ring around the rosy.  ewww.
so, what's the point of my title?  How can I tell if you are engaged?  Lemme tell you what happened on february 3rd.  Lunar New Year.  We have a lot of vietnamese in my class and they were all gearing up to celebrate the year of the cat.  We talked about it every day for a week.  We read about Chinese New Year,  made paper lanterns, put together a salad with mandarins and sesame dressing, colored dragons...etc.
On the first day of Lunar New Year, I wore my Jacket from China.  I asked the kids as we were doing calendar "What Holiday is it today?"  they all looked at me---duhhh.  I said "Why am I wearing a lucky red jacket?" huh?  "why did Justin give me a lucky red envelope?" huh?  "What day is today?"  and one child answered "RED!"
That's when I knew they weren't engaged and it was time to give up and go outside...


LisaF said...

Happy to see your return to my Google Reader. I was beginning to wonder if everything was alright. Now I know life is moving at warp speed in your world too.

Guess Vietnamese-American kids don't place a lot of importance on culture! They probably wanted to go play outside instead anyway. But you get tons of golf stars for putting together such a great lesson!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Kids! What can you do but shake your head!

geoff said...

Is it Year of the Cat for the Vietnamese? It's Rabbit for us. I assumed that was universal. Sounds like a full week!

Anonymous said...

This is the only year where Vietnamese and Chinese New Year's have different animals. Our 6 year olds went through our school ringing bells and making noise with one of the teacher's being the dragon to clear the negativity. It sure was wonderful to see them taking such care to make enough noise to clear out each of the classrooms and hallways.
Hugs and sparkles

Her Mom said...

Sometimes escape is the only answer! How neat that you had a use for your Chinese jacket other than just for the pleasure of it.

Mara said...

You sound like a busy bee! I had heard of the Chinese New Year, but didn't know about the Vietnamese one. Imagine being of Chinese and Vietnamese descent and living over here: what year would it be?