Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Trolls, Oh My!

I ordered a really cool book called "The Element Encyclopedia of Secret Signs and Symbols" by Adele Nozedar.  My mommy gave me a Barnes and Nobles gift card so I bought a fun book.  I am thrilled with this book- so far it seems accurate and non-biased.

The above symbol is called a Troll Cross.  I thought "how weird, who needs to protect themselves against trolls?"  My ancestors worked with trolls, side by side, to build a church.  You don't believe me?  Read about Heddal Stave and the Rygi- He was my ancestor.

However, lore states that trolls are mean and nasty- ask the billy goats Gruff.  They know.  Most of you don't think trolls exist anymore- or ever existed.   But I leave nothing to certainty when it comes to mythos.  Just like it has been discovered that some people are linked to neanderthals genetically (both neanderthals and homosapians were supposed to have lived separately and not have mated), I believe somewhere along the genetic lines, somebody made a troll human baby.  Or trolls became more human like and slipped silently into society.  or maybe not so silently.

How can you spot a troll?  you all know one.  S/he's the loudmouthed pushy, powerhungry jerk in the room.  (not all of these are trolls- but I think they might all have a wee bit of troll blood in them).  They want their way, and if they don't get it, they try a different tactic to get their way: bullying, shouting, punching, name calling, passive aggressive techniques, pouting, etc...

I wrote a poem about a part troll human I once knew:
Big green ogre
so angry and mean
all he does is yell and scream
spittle, tanturm
stomp and shout
turn my cabbage
into sauerkraut.

I soak up negativity and stress from around me.  This is why I hate being in a house with crabby, stressed, aggressive, people (psychic vampires).  I can't even watch shows like punked or repoed comfortably- or any of those reality shows that focus on anger and stress.  It eats at me.

I can sure see why someone would need a troll cross.


Linda in New Mexico said...

absodamlutely. I believe in trolls. I know trolls. I don't like trolls. Me too, me too. Thanks for sharing th bit about the troll cross. Interesting. The Olde Bagg, Linda

LyndaB said...

And here I was being all geeky and thinking that symbol should be hung on every social network online - to protect against 'trolls' (people who start crap just to watch people go nuts over it).

:) Great post!

Anonymous said...

As soon as I saw the word trolls, I thought of the song from Dora "I'm the grumpy old troll, who lives under the bridge".

Sounds like you are very empathic. Perhaps you should carry/wear some Obsidian, Jet or Hematite.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I've never seen a troll cross before -- interesting! And quite attractive.

Mara said...

Well, there are certainly uglier things to bring into your home.

I used to compare awful people with characters from the series MASH. My Mum would know exactly what that person would be about then and it would help me, just by laughing him (usually) away.

Mama's Thyme said...

I used to work for a troll ... a relative forwarded me this when he heard about her, from Seth Godin's blog :
Lots of things about work are hard. Dealing with trolls is one of them. Trolls are critics who gain perverse pleasure in relentlessly tearing you and your ideas down. Here's the thing(s):

1. trolls will always be trolling
2. critics rarely create
3. they live in a tiny echo chamber, ignored by everyone except the trolled and the other trolls
4. professionals (that's you) get paid to ignore them. It's part of your job.

"Can't please everyone," isn't just an aphorism, it's the secret of being remarkable.

Creative Flair said...

I never thought about trolls being around nowadays, but now that you mention it, they certainly do exist don't they.

Her Mom said...

So that's what those people are!

LisaF said...

Yep, sounds like a former boss of mine. A cave troll no doubt.

Pallas Renatus said...

Trolls aside, that thing looks wicked awesome. I'd buy one just for the design alone; if it protects me from trolls, hey, awesome!

Lyn said...

I believe trolls exist... and giants. I used to live next door to a Scottish troll - nasty man. We actually nicknamed him troll and he'd drive around on a scooter which we'd dubbed the trollcycle.