Monday, January 10, 2011

Laziness and Such

My mom wrote a post last week about Laziness (She's on the sidebar->, Wanderings of an Elusive Mind).  It got me to thinking.  The definition of laziness is subjective, isn't it?

I'd define laziness as someone who doesn't take care of their responsibilities.  Someone who expects others to do everything for them, even if they can do it for themselves.  Someone who is slovenly and glutonous to an extreme. 

My mom has thoughts sometimes that she is lazy- because she has a lot of free time and chooses to spend it doing things she enjoys.  I think that is smart, not lazy!  I've been to her house- the bed is actually made daily, the dogs and cats are clean and fed,  the floor and counters are clean, the dishes done, the furniture pretty much dusted.  I walk in there and feel comfortable enough to sit and relax- it is not yucky.  Her bills are paid, her husband fed (even if it is just a sandwich- she still has a full fridge!)...etc. etc.  All her requirements are taken care of.  If she chooses to knit or nap after that- so be it!  If she chooses to feed herself a sandwich instead of a five course gourmet meal- so be it! whatever!

Some might call me lazy.  I don't exercise.  I sit and read or do crafts each night.  I sleep in until 10 if I am not working.  I like naps.  But- I do work when possible, I make dinner when it is my turn, I wash my own dishes, I do my own laundry, my bills are paid (pretty much- sorry ambulance guy..), my ducks are in a row.  No one does for me what I can do myself, amnd I pitch in to help others. 

Do I or does my mom walk around appearing busy?  I know people who feel the need to do this! One lives with me, and will wash my dish before I am done eating.  Just to be busy, so he feels successful and un-lazy.

I guess it breaks down into groups- those that value process, and those that value product.  I like the product that comes from making dinner or brownies.  My mom likes the product that comes from knitting- but I think we value the creative process of them more.  We do it for the enjoyment.
The people that value product seem more aggressive.  The "look what I did"ers- Ex liked to clean the kitchen and have us all come look at what he did- and we'd clap and cheer for him.  The accolades probably help the look what I didders, too.  The clean dish man I live with likes to rattle off what he accomplished everyday, to each of us in the house.  Everyday.  It makes him feel good.
I can't tell you what I did today- I worked, then I did a little of this and a little of that.  I pittered as I call it.  I do like to finish something each day- that's my accomplishment- to actually finish something rather than having a thousand half done projects laying around, I now have only 999!  But the finish is not the product- it's the fruition of the process that's the gem for me.
OH_ I babble- but at least I know what I am talking about!


Anonymous said...

I'm one of those people that feels lazy if I haven't checked every item off my mental to-do list. The exeptions to that rule are: sickness and vacation. Other than that I'm one anal retentive Witch.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Oh no, there is a big difference between lazyness (bad and neglectful of your responsibilities, like you said) and idleness (good and conducive to creativity and replenishment of the soul). The great philosopher Bertrand Russell wrote an entire book on the virtues of idleness and he recommended it for everyone. When your Mom is talking about laziness, I think she really means idleness. Don't give it up, K's Mom!

Anonymous said...

People tell me all the time how efficent I am and I always reply that is because I am lazy at heart. I told my girls if they want to be lazy they have to be efficent or they will get caught in it. I don't think of lazy as a bad thing either, I see it as a resting or doing things one enjoys after doing all that one must, perhaps that is idleness truly. Hugs and sparkles - WG

Her Mom said...

It strikes me that the "look what I did" folks are primarily male? Or is that just what I've experienced?
I like that - idleness not laziness. I'll hang on to that one!

LisaF said...

LOL! I live with one that likes to list his accomplishments for the day too! Sometimes it makes me feel like I'm suppose to bow down and praise him for being so *busy*!

Robin Larkspur said...

Great post; i agree with your words absolutely. people who fling the word "lazy!" at you are simply jealous that they have no clue how to enjoy the moment, meditate, or be at peace with themselves. I just found your blog, came in through the back door at whimsical cottage. I must say I like it here. Come visit me sometime! Blessed be, Robin Larkspur.