Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Heavy, dude

Oddly, I talked about weight yesterday, and then this new show came on:
The premise is that they take 2 obese people to a food rehab place for a month in order to transform them-
I watched about 20 minutes of the show, and it bothered me.
For those 20 minutes, I saw fitness coaches pushing them into exercise.  They were walking, lifting weights, and doing various crunches and lunges. 
OKAY...so I should lose weight by strenuous exercise and having people check my cupboards for contraband?
What about counseling for what and why they eat?  What about teaching them to live in the real world?  Why do all these shows push for quick weight loss through pain and torture?  basically, every show I have seen forces the overweight people to work out and cut out every "bad food"  to such an extreme that they are losing 5+ pounds a week.
This isn't real life, nor is is healthy.  Remember my word for the year? Moderation!


Magaly Guerrero said...

Reality TV is so unrealistic. Like those coaches are going to go home with the contestant and plan their menu and workout routine for the rest of their lives.

Anonymous said...

I saw the previews, but didn't watch it. I've never watched any of those shows because the previews alone piss me off.

As a person who is 75 lbs. overweight, I know first hand that my fat ass is not ONLY a result of my caloric intake being higher than my calorie burning. 99.9% of my weight problem is emotional. Perhaps if they have a show addressing the WHY instead of a quick fix more people like me could actually be helped.

I read your post about feeling like you want to lose weight so you can feel better. I recommend Geneen Roth's books to address the emotional aspects of weight gain.

Best wishes to you girlie.

Her Mom said...

Uh huh. That's why such a large percentage of people who lose the weight gain it back. Treating the symptoms instead of the cause rarely works.

Lyn said...

It's yet to reach our shores. We get America's biggest loser on cable and we're just about to get a Brit version. I've only seen trailers but OMG they look awful.

Anonymous said...

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