Friday, December 2, 2011

another wine (or whine) induced epiphany

I know- the last I wrote, and probably the thousand times before that I was crabby and complainy.  I complain to you because I am certain my friends will eventually grow tired of it an want to hit me over the head and tell me to grow up.  I am 40 after all.  But this way- you only have to hear my bull$h!t voluntarily.

I've been making silly sock monsters for the last month- and am still working diligently on them, so I've been sewing rather than writing or reading.

But I had a nice whine, erm, I mean, wine induced epiphany tonight.  It's got to do with men and love, so go now while you can!  No?  some of you are still here? Okay.  Then, I'll probably just tell you what you have already figured out about me.  or what someone, maybe even me during another wine induced moment of brilliance, has said.

I have a bad relationship with men and the idea of love.  I blame it on chemical makeup and modern society.  I'd like to say it all started freshman year with my first love, but I am sure we can just blame it all on my father.  No- Not my mother- because she's the chick that showed me strength and love and forever unconditionally loving and adoring her children- my mother is, and always will be, in all her non-perfect humanness, a perfect saintly hero woman to me.  Nope- it's the father, who we have already heard some wonderful stories of.  But also, it's modern culture- Of course, it can't be my own fault... sheesh.

I grew up in the 80s...meaning, my formative years of love and lust primarily happened then.  The ideas of men/fathers/ husbands in the 80s were: Homer Simpson, Al Bundy, and the guy from wonder years.  Oh- there were a few nice butlers or widowers (Mr. Belvedere, Silver Spoons) raising kids, and a heck of a lot of strong chicks with/ without kids (Designing women, golden girls, Kate and Allie), and a few seemingly harmless yet powerless dads ruled by their kids (family matters, family ties)....but the role of women in a man's life was outlined much like 2 1/2 men has outlined it for kids today. (BTW- I am sure I am stuck in this stage as Erickson suggests- and have yet to move anywhere near adulthood.  Apparently, when I figure out how to love and trust, I can then move up to where most 20 year olds are, and then another stage, and then on to being a real adult.  I suspect it will take a few more lives for that)

Al Bundy- women are for lusting after, as long as they are not your wife- your wife is for despising and is just another way to lose money.  Homer Simpson agrees.  The guy from wonder years just seems like he's always ready to beat someone and he scares me to death.

What's 2 1/2 men taught us?  The cool guy uses women for sex, the only valuable women is a loose one with a size 2 body and fake boobs,  and the nerdy guy is the one who wants a relationship.  Strong women are harpies and bitches with no souls, fat women smoke pot and eat doughnuts.

So, I date.  I look for love through boyfriends.  Daddy left me, step daddy was a big jerk idiot pig, who left me- blah blah blah blah.

I marry early with the hope of forever.  I make sure forever doesn't happen because I ruin our relationship.

I marry again.  I stay with this one almost 20 years.  I have babies.  But it still amazes me that a man could love deeply and forever.  That a man could love Me even though I am size 4-20, depending on the year.  That a man could be loyal and adoring.  Oh, yes, he promised me...and I started to believe it a little bit.

Then, I felt left.  He'd rather hang with the person I called his girlfriend.  He wasn't acting as a spouse or father.  He might not agree- but I can tell you, this was the breaking point.  I could handle fights and disrespect- But he LEFT me in his heart for a while- for HER.  So I left.

and now I have a nice decent boyfriend.  But I can't always believe it.  I sometimes have a hard time seeiing through his younger clubbing years.  If he liked watching those skinny big boobed chicks in wet t-shirts, how the hell can I ever compare?  and he's made a few stupid comments, that he probably thought innocent, that have stuck in my mind and keep replaying and replaying and replaying (damn stupid comments that make me want to smack him upside the damn head)- is he another one of them?  He tells me now he loves me, but will his heart and penis go elsewhere?    how can I throw my wholeself into this, when he is just gonna leave anyway?  I know men don't love fully- especially grey haired forty year old chunky saggy women.  The men I have trusted have taught me that.

oh no- I am not only blaming the pigs in my life.  I know it is me, as well.  I have lost the optimism I grew in my younger years.  My inward dialogue is always negative and wrong.  I talk like crap to myself and about the world around me.  I wish I could regain my youthful happiness.  I wish I could harness that sunbeam I seemed to ride as a child.  I know what a pain in the ass I am to those who have to hear this dialogue come out as whines and grumps.  So, to the world, I am sorry, and to the men who think Charlie Sheen is cool- double freaking eff you!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

words and attitude hurt

I've noticed how many TV shows have fat jokes on them.  and old people jokes, and other unnecessary and unfunny jokes that are solely created for stoopid people.  No, not stupid people, stoopid.

I no longer find George Lopez funny.  His show is about him being an idiot who treats his family like crap and makes mean jokes.  Mean is not necessary. mean is not funny.  Tosh does this a lot too.  Makes me sad because there's so much funny without mean.

Have you seen kids post "that awkward moment when"?  Yes.  you can google it, it has it's own webpage.  Last week, a facebook friend of a friend posted "that awkward moment when a fat kid says "that's how I roll". Yes, I know, some of you giggled.  But- the key is, you might not have intentionally just insulted, hurt, and socially bullied a child who is fat, but you did.  You made it acceptable for someone to say this to an actual fat kid, because laughing means it's OK.

How about "that awkward moment when you get ready and think you look hot, then you put your glasses on"?

oh great.  Cuz I am chunky and use the term "that's how I roll" all the time.  plus I wear glasses.  Awkward moments all around, eh?

.....when you see an obese person driving a Honda fit.
(how do you know said large person isn't fit?  how do you know they can't kick your ass, or kick your ass in a foot race?)
when your obese friend wins hungry hungry hippos (cuz obese people eat more than you?)
when fat people update their status saying ‘they’re hungry’.( cuz obese people shouldn't eat?)

There are some ways to be funny without being cruel....
when you make a Harry Potter reference and none of the muggles get it
when you’re singing a song and the artist gets the words wrong
when you find out your toys have made three movies behind your back
when you post something before you fini
when you realize that was the droid you are looking for

and there are some that toe the line (tow the line?)
when you look at your man then at the old spice guy then back at your man then back to him and sadly, your man isn’t him.(not that I'd do this- but this humor is smart)
....when you get kicked out the library for putting the bible in the fiction section

I just can't understand why people feel cruel is funny, or why people feel that you need to be cruel to be funny..

Monday, October 10, 2011

Choosing my religion and label

I've posted about religion before (here).  But today spurned my need to post about it again.  (First, I'd love to find a cute witchy picture that doesn't include nudity or unrealistic looking women, (including the green and warts ones))

A student asked me about my religion today.  (This might not have been what she was intending to ask, because she then told me she was German and Irish, but I had already answered her question).  It might be because I am wearing my pentacle again, it might be because these are a new group of kids getting to know me.

I told her that I was "Pagan".  I'll also tell people I am a Witch.  but that whole thing bugs me if we don't have time to discuss it.  because the witch is usually followed by them saying "oh, Wiccan"  or "a white witch?"

Lemme 'splain:  There are three lines of thought about Wiccanry.  They are 1.You have to be in a coven to be a Wiccan, and not a solitary, 2.  You have to be in only a lineaged coven, 3. You can be a solitary.

The #2ers claim this because apparently the Lord and lady have names and secret you only learn from a a lineaged coven.  the #1ers claim this because apparently only covens know secrets and you need to know secrets to be a true Wiccan.  The #3ers claim they can call themselves whatever they want as long as they follow the Wiccan rules which can be easily found online.

I am a solitary.  I might or might not follow the rede (I haven't read and digested it all). I don't know any secrets, so I don't even bother with the Wiccan label.

I don't believe in black/white magic.  That's labeling a color as good/bad, moral/immoral.  It also goes into some deep conversation about ethics and balance.  All I know is when I work with magic/energies, it's never directed at anyone without their knowledge, and it's intent is never for harm.  I don't even play with love spells and such because I feel they go against these two things.

But, some people also don't thing being a Witch is a religious thing, so they need me to label it Pagan to make them happy.  Okay.  I'm both, and I'll use both words, depending on the time and place and how much time and energy I have at the moment.  But if I were to pick the label, I'd choose Witch, and I'll capitalize the W to denote religion.

and let's not discuss pantheonism or hard and soft pantheonism, that's a whole 'nother post.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

healthy/ unhealthy- stop harshing my mellow

Today is grey and rainy and perfect for stew.  But, I am not eating meat, so I just made a veggie stew.  Looks good, huh?
It's made with a base broth of onion/mushroom soup mix (checked for no meat- golden mushroom soup has beef fat in it), burgundy wine, rosemary, and sage.  I browned garlic, onion, zucchini, and eggplant.  While simmering the barley in the broth.  I added lentils, turnip, sweet potatoes, and carrots to the barley and cooked until the carrots felt right.  I threw green beans in late, and spinach in last.  Then topped with the zucchini/eggplant/onion mixture.  Oh- and a bit of steamed butternut squash all mixed in.

Nope- this is not a cooking blog, but I can't cook really, I just kind of stew or casserole, and with luck, it tastes fine.  Since I don't have a discerning palate, if it doesn't taste wonderful, I add cheese and wahlah!

This post is actually about what went on about a thousand times in the last month.

One month ago, exactly, was the last time I ate meat.  I was watching a documentary called "Fat, sick, and nearly dead" with my brother; the documentary was about a guy who decided to get healthy by juicing (more thoughts on that another time).  This led me to thinking about when I felt healthiest, and I realized it was when I ate predominately veggies and grains.  I was pure veggie for 3 years, but I don't want to go all veggie (more thoughts on that in a minute)*.  The decision to eat healthier was solidified by reading both "The Body Sacred", and "Healthy at Every Size", which discuss treating our bodies with love and respect and feeding them well.  I had been eating bacon, and sausage often (my favorite meats, yum), and meat was a large part of my diet since moving into this house 3 years ago.  I decided to stop that.

* I decided to go meatless for a while.  I don't want to say vegetarian because if I choose to have a piece of bacon I don't need to hear about it from the world.  I don't think eating meat is a horrible thing, per se.  though there are times I have felt guilty about killing an animal(you know, I didn't kill it, but since I ate it, it was killed for me) to eat it (quail- quail made me feel sad because I love watching them hop around my mom's property and that's what I was reminded of while eating one).  We are made to be omnivores like hamsters are.  However, I think it is better for me and the world when we eat less meat.

So what's the issue?  Old Codger (who again argued with me about cold germs digging their way through your feet and into your bloodsteam because I was wearing no socks) keeps asking me why I decided not to eat meat.  I keep answering because meat doesn't sound good to me.
I can't say I am going vegetarian.  If I eat one piece of bacon in three months 2 things might happen: 1.  he will say something about me not following my diet, 2. he will think I've gone all meat again and start trying to feed me his predominately meat diet.
He made a comment that "I won't eat meat, but keep eating all those carbs"  I just said YEP.
I can't say I am eating healthier- because he will start harping on carbs, and because if I eat a chocolate he will say "That's not on your diet" to which I will reply "I am not on a diet".
I can't calmly explain what my decision is, and why.  I can't explain that the carbs I am eating are whole grains mostly and therefore extremely healthy, but even refined stuff like white rice isn't bad, because food is neither good nor bad- that's a moral/ethical thing and food is neither moral nor ethical within itself.  But food can be healthy and less healthy- and if I choose to eat less healthy, my choice.  however, for the most part I am choosing more healthy, and am happy with it.
Why can't I explain my decision?  this man needs all explanations in five words or less (because that's all he will listen to before getting frustrated).  This man won't believe what I am saying anyway, because he has his own ideas and they are always correct (like wearing socks keeps colds away because the germs get through your feet).  And- I shouldn't have to explain anyway- I just want to cook my food my way- I just don't want meat- today I am eating this way.
so there.

I am also a bit bothered because most of the decisions I make in life are not based on one person's recommendation, or society's recent whim..  I have tried some whims in the name of thinness- atkins, calorie counting, phentermine.  I have thought that thinness was healthy and the end justifies the means.  I have abused my body in the name of health.  But I was young and impressionable ;).....
When I was vegetarian, I studied why and how.  I know what cattle do to the environment.  I studied what I needed to eat to get all my protein and minerals, vitamins, etc...
and I have studied my decision now.  I am fairly lucky because I didn't need to go through the science to back up the info, someone else did that and published a book on it (Health at every Size).
I know one thing doesn't make you fat.  I know body size is affected by many variables.  I know body size doesn't show health.  I know I can drink wine and eat chocolate without it saying whether I am healthy or not.  I know health is a conglomeration of things (including stress- so stop harshing my mellow)
and I know that it has been scientifically proven that colds are not caught through the feet, just like cold viruses are not killed by amoxicillan, and overuse of antibacterial/antivirus gel by school children might be breeding worse germs for me to battle.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Fat, and how I dance with it.

ah- I'm eating my shoe.  I still need my foot.  Or maybe, it's I'm eating my hat.  Whatever.  I was wrong.  Misinformed.  Misconstrued.  Occasionally, Ms. Alanius.

Remember this picture?  and remember how I assumed these women were all unhealthy?  and remember how I was not that accepting?  Even though I am also fat? (yes I am- I know it, fat, not obese, chunky, curvacious, etc, etc).  I was one of those people I hate.  I probably judged these women, even if only a little bit, I judged.  I should go reread that post, since I don't know exactly what I said.

I've had lots of "I'm fat" gripes on here.  This summer, I've seemed to come to terms with it (except that one really hot day where my thighs rubbed and I got a rash).  Other than that, I feel better about not counting calories, not obsessing, not feeling guilty.  I bought clothes that fit and look good on my body (thanks for yoga topped pants).

Then, two days ago, I found Dianne Sylvan.  She wrote the book "Body Sacred".  I am waiting for my library to get it transferred so I can read it.  She suggested a website called "Dances with Fat".  Both talk about a movement called Healthy at Any Size, and discuss issues and fallacies connected to being fat.  I still have to read more into healthy at any size, but what I have read so far has been very inspiring to me to look at my diet.

(Minor digression) My brudder and I just watched a documentary called "Fat, sick, and nearly dying".  It's about a guy who lost weight and all his medical issues through juicing.  He did a juice fast for 60 days.  It has inspired my brudder to juice.  It lead me to think about more veggies and way less meat.  I've been meatless(and beer/wineless) for 3.5 days.

Why'd I digress?  Fat,sick decides that his weight loss and super nutrients are what solved his issues.  maybe it wasn't weight loss.  maybe weight loss was just a side effect of what looks like a 1,400 calorie a day diet. yes, fat sick looks great, feels great.  Maybe that had a lot to do with him eating better- less crap.

That's what Dances with Fat talks about.  And she discusses causation/correlation issues with being fat and medical issues.  She uses facts and figures, published medical articles, and pure intelligence as proof.  She's also a vegan, which amazes me.  Here's an article that is worth reading :
actually her whole blog is worth reading. (the picture above was on her blog)

Does this mean I'm gonna go all willynilly and eat crap and not worry about gaining weight? Nope.  It means I'm going to continue my quest at eating healthy and not worry about weight.  So there.  I'm not counting calories.  I'm not drinking just shakes.  I'm not starving.  I'm not labeling things as bad.  I'm not limiting rice because I love it.  I'm not eating Atkins style.  I'm making sense of things like I used to- primarily I'm eating foods that make me feel healthy and good.  I love veggies, pile them on.  Fried, I know isn't great, so I'll eat it only when I neeeeeed it. (same with icecream).  I am limiting my meat.  But I'm good with that- it doesn't make me feel like I am denying myself when I limit meat.

I almost have the "feel good about myself" thing figured out.  Now if I can keep it going, life will be just about perfect.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Say Yes!

Yesterday, I hopped on a plane and flew from Long beach to San Francisco.  Not a big flight- about an hour- and not a lot of money because the kind Jet Blue was having a sale.   My brudder picked me up at the airport at about 3.  We hopped on down to fisherman’s wharf just to hang out while waiting for a 9 pm concert.

First, we had to find a parking spot, and one that did not cost a zillion dollars.  We found one lot labeled “10$ all day”, and pulled in there.  The kid “running” the place (that was a proper use of quotation marks) told us that we were oversized and wanted $20.…but then, strangely, he bartered with us until we were back to $10.  He was hanging out with a bunch of friends and we questioned if he even worked there, or if he was just taking money as a scam.  This was brought up later, when we went back to brudder’s truck, and there was a machine to pay the money to.  We will never know.

We walked around pier 39, I’ll have pictures to show you if my phone will let me.  We saw sea lions (I LOVE them!), and Alcatraz.  We sat down and had a beer.  Brudder asked after his first beer from the abrupt waiter, ”What’s a (normally cheap in cost) beer cost compared to (the more expensive one he was drinking)?”  Waiter laughed at him and told him people never asked what beer costs at that establishment.  Brudder left no tip as we paid for beers.

We then walked on to enjoy a nice Ben and Jerry's ice cream a block away.  A few blocks after that, we meandered into a pub and had a nice irish beer.  Then walked back and around in circles until we decided on clam chowder in a bread bowl and some delicious iced teas.  Oh! and goat cheese with pesto mmm.  We still had time to kill so we checked out a warm art museum with photos by Rodney Lough (breathtaking).

Finally We headed toward the concert, which took place in a fairly famous bar (The Bottom of the Hill).  But first we stopped at Ross and PetCo to look around (grin).  We watched a celloist band, then a band called "Wild Pack of Canaries" (I must download them), and finally the band we came to see, Avi Buffalo.

see the cute girl in stripes?  My brudder was her fourth grade teacher. The band was great to see, and I really enjoyed myself.  As  I always do with my brother.

But this blog isn't about my day- this blog is about seizing the moment and doing something- saying yes for once.  Some people don't agree with this, but then, a lot of people don't seem to respect any choices I have made for myself.

(just erased a large paragraph about people weighing and judging and their lack of respect and love for humans and mothers.  Just erased a huge tirade that makes me want to kick capitalist testicles. Just erased a huge amount of anger basically saying that you can't tell me that your cross is heavier than mine because you haven't carried mine and never will.  Just erased the summary of why I hate most people and will continue to hate them)

Anyway- for so many years I was an at home mom.  In a family that didn't have a lot of money to spend, and with a husband who worked a lot of hours to support said family, so I didn't feel like I had a right to expect him to care for the kids.  So I rarely went anywhere.  I rarely said yes to anything.  I spent my legal drinking years with babies, and we'd go out, yes, usually with a baby in tow, but it wasn't the same thing kids experience when they are young and unfettered.
I'd go once a year to a musical with Tricia.  Or that one time I went to the Marriot for her bachelorette party weekend.  But usually I said "no" to stuff.  I'd hunker down.  I'd try to be frugal.  I didn't experience much but the local restaurant/bar.  And that was good for me.
What wasn't good for me was that I'd stay home instead of visiting. I missed out on social connections.  I missed out on enjoying life.  I lost my magic that way.  
For a year I had vowed to say yes to everything I could.  My kids were about 12 and 7.  We went to amusement parks. We rode coasters I'd been afraid to try.  I went to all my friends' get-togethers.  I planned more than one thing to do some days even!
This brightened my life.  I felt good, I felt healthy.  I need human contact even though I am a hermit.
So, I could decide that I want to work all summer.  I could get some part time job if one were available (big IF).  I could stay at home and say no to going to my mom's and going places with my bro- but I realize something.  I realize that I need this for my soul.  I need this for my magic.  I NEED this.  and that should be enough for you.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

T-shirts with saying (Idiot detectors)

I was lucky enough to work the motorcycle swap meet again this weekend.  It's the same place I met King Ping Pong (remember him?) Mom, this is why I was up at 3 am.
The motorcycle swap meet is full of colorful fellas and gals.  I was blessed with their wit and humor.  Especially on their t-shirts.

"If it has tits or wheels, sooner or later you got problems"

Suddenly I wanted to catch that man and take him home to my mommy!  I mean, look at what he showed on his t-shirt.  He showed that his vocabulary is multifaceted- I mean, breasts would not have been proper for that shirt, eh?  but, tits, now that's a great word.  He also showed that he values women as much as he values his auto.

So many shirts!  So many showing exactly what people wanted to portray as their true selves.  The guys with words like bitch and tits on theirs- yeah, ladies love them.  I love them.  Why?  Because they just gave me a nice hint to stay the heck away from them.

Is this really what you want people to think of you?  Remember, clothing is the first thing people see, your first impression.  When I am teaching, I try to dress comfortable but professional looking.  When I am out and about, I am more of a cute tank and skirt or sundress girl.  I tried the sexy pants and heels- it so wasn't me (my sexy look feels like I'd look when constipated- no, I will not take pictures of both to compare).

Is this what you want people to think of you (or your mom, sister, daughter, girlfriend, wife?)

Is this the man you'd want your daughter, mom, sister to date?

Is this the man/woman you want to spend your life with?

Oh yeah- a real chick magnet.

just, ew

Oh, yeah, now I wanna jump on you.

No, you are right- not all t-shirt sayings are bad.  I bought a great one for Tricia's God complexed husband that read "we will get along better when you worship me" or something like that.  He wears it around family and they all agree it fits him well.
and these are way too cute:

For the expecting ladies:


and this is sooooo true :)

I for one do not wear t-shirts.  They make me look like I have a beachball for a head.  But if I did, I'd surely censure what they had to say or tape their little fabric-ky mouths shut.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Meanderings with Mom

Mom and I decided to follow the Sprague River, we were looking for a spot where it meets the Williamson. We stopped first near the little highschool in town. (town being Chiloquin, population 700)

Some of you hate this particular plant, you are thinking weed...all I see is wishes, and not any wishes, but
HUGE wishes!

I Lichen you <3
(Did you know it came in orange as well as green? I didn't)
Our second stop was a slippery slope, where the lichen picture came from. We really wanted to get closer to the water. Here we stopped to see an abandoned logging factory. The No trespassing sign was nearly unreadable: that counts, right?
I have a thing for feisty thistle.
Tough but pretty.
What's the lady taking a picture of? She's been doing yogic positions to get the picture. The lady is my ever-beautiful and funny Mommy with a capital M.
Handsome here. He's been posing for like a half hour for us.

I love love aspen. They quiver like an overexcited puppy.

I found a new house for us HONEY!!! It has a fireplace and everything.
It has a guest house.

a pump house with access to the river, and I am assuming water rights.

Here's the river.

and it's for sale! great news...It appears it's been for sale for a while.
The view across the street- who wouldn't want to live here?

I'll post my alone meanderings around mommy's yard tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Imaginary wedding- carnival

Marasca photography

So, the sweet theme led me to carnival. Primarily because I really like the mustaches you can find on esty. And also because Carnivals have sweets and soooo much more. Carnival- like the fair and/or circus, not the naked people parading in Brazil. All these pictures were taken from Esty dealers, the name of the store is under the picture.

Carnivals have been represented by red stripes and blue accents often. Who said you had to stick with these colors? Look at the above picture- why not use those colors? or just pick two or three. My man loves lime green, I love bright orange. add some yellow or pink or turquoise, or all.

what a great invite!

for seating cards
Oriental trading
It's probably cheap paper- but why couldn't this be copied with 4 wooden frames? great centerpiece and table number idea
way expensive, and needs to be painted- but another cute centerpiece idea!

Gifts? they are soap! and animal crackers!

This is an extremely low priced print your own box for favors, too cute. You could also use them at your candy bar- there has to still be a sweet treat buffet!

I didn't get this seller's name- but too cute. and why couldn't you name your tables "the strong man" "tattooed lady" "flying trapeze"?
Yummy cookies

There has to be popcorn! It's a staple at carnivals.

Straws- but you can leave one side blank for people to put their name- no more lost drinks!

It's soap! and a perfect gift for guests. can you picture of these at each seat?

For a photobooth- oh yes, there will have to be a photobooth!

Replies? "I'll be there with bells on", "I won't be there, I heard there are bells"

more decor!

Of course, there is still a chance for frilly dresses in frothy colors, or we could go steampunk and wear corsets and other carnival finery.

Food would have to be fair food (on a stick). Hot dogs, corn dogs, popcorn, big pretzels, pizza on a stick, beer. Maybe an In-n-out truck would be perfect. mmmmm In n out. haven't had In n out burgers? Get to the US immediately and eat one- because you are not truly living!
You can rent cotton candy machines, sno cone machines, keep pretzels hot machines....and I bet they have a keep ice cream cold machine. ice cream!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Imaginary Wedding- Sweet theme

Gosh, I spend a lot of time in dream land. I used to throw parties so that I could get this creativity out, but since I don't have my own house, or tons of friends who will tolerate an "alice in wonderland tea just so I could decorate party", I make them up in my head. My current fixation is fun weddings- by current, I mean for 2 years now.

My initial thought had lots of greens and oranges and fairy fern and twinkly
lights and rocks that said "you rock my world".

But then, who can limit it to just two colors? So I thought- how about a "How sweet it is..." wedding? With lollipops, and a candy bar, and cookies, and all colors of the rainbow. I would want cupcakes, of course- the
y are way better than cake because you don't need a fork.

and look- you can make little stands for each cupcake for under a buck!

The bridesmaids could carry suckers instead od stupid ol' allergy inducing flowers.
Pots of pops! and jars of jellies!
Napkin rings/ favors

centerpieces/ table numbers


Table treats/ place cards

This lends a possibility to sweet and frilly dresses, and should be arranged close to a candy eating holiday (like Valentine's Day) for nummy cheap candy.

But, then I got bored with that concept and moved on to another theme. I'll post that tomorrow.