Friday, December 31, 2010

things to come part deux

My birth father is now a devote Christian.  he has his minister's license and everything.  He has always been a religious person from what I remember- but it was more him being a theologian than a worshipper.  He used to read us the Bible at the kitchen table once a week- in Hebrew! and then he'd discuss it.  In later years, I'd find him in his car on friday nights listening to Jewish temple.  He explained a few details about Judaism to me.  The reason we sailed from New York to Florida on his boat was because he wanted to go to Israel- Israel was our initial destination but the boat pretty much quit in Florida.  It actually quit in New Jersey, but we gimped down to Florida without a mast and dealing with leaks, cold, and a bad motor.
My first introduction to paganism came through him.  He didn't know, and he'd be quite aghast if he knew now.  He is very upset at my choice for a religion.  I actually thought he'd be a good person to discuss it with when I started religious studies over 12 years ago- but he had found his God and was not happy with mine.
How'd he start my (bitter descent to hell) paganism studies?  He pointed out that when he read the Hebrew bible- it says "In the beginning, the GODS created the heavens and the earth"


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Sometimes we get the darndest gifts from the least likely sources, don't we? Great post!

Linda in New Mexico said...

You another gift we receive from the Bible is the fact that contrary to popular misinformation. The trinity is not father, son and holy ghost but unnamed male spirit, human and female spirit.
You know translation is a funny thing.
My grandmother would light candles and put on a shawl on Friday night and she was just following a tradition that her mother and grandmother did. My grandma was a hispanic Roman Catholic. The inquisition did some stuff that took Jews and poof in order to stay alive they were catholics.
All of which are gifts, depending on your perspective I suppose. Have a Happy New Year. The Olde Bagg, Linda

Mara said...

My parents sent me to Christian schools and bible classes, but once I left home I went more and more sporadically. They know I am not a church goer anymore and it probably hurts them, but they will not force me to talk about it or to get me to change my mind. I haven't really found anything to take its place either. But I think that as long as I am happy about how I live my life, that's important.

Pallas Renatus said...

Hah, I remember once asking in a Christian youth-group what their take on the wording of that passage was. If cold stares were currency, I'd be rich!