Friday, December 3, 2010

Random friday

I have your comments sent to my email so I can get a giggle a few times a day.  I cracked up at Lynda B's "Asian escort spam is the reason for the season"- especially after reading all that escort spam crap! Thanks for that laugh!

LisaF, I think you were the lone Christian commenter- there are a few Christians who read this, most commented on the feed on Facebook.  The key to the "axial tilt is the reason for the season"  was theuse of the word SEASON- like winter, spring, summer, fall- axial tilt creates indirect sunrays hitting the earth-when the sun is the most indirect, it is the coldest, thus winter.  This is why it is summer in Australia while it is winter in America.
As for the other meaning- I just wanted to makenote that sooo many holidays share this time of year.  I hope that when I wish friends a happy time, that I take note of who they are,and wish my jewish friends Happy Hannukah rather that Feliz Navidad.  As for strangers- I think politically correct is better,but that is my opinion.  This is why I say Happy Holidays rather than Merry Yule or Festive Winter Solstice,which is what I celebrate. 
I really dig that LisaF gave us a nice history lesson- if you didn't read it, read the comment section of "I was gonna wait,but..." Lisa F sure knows her stuff! thanks!

I dyed my hair blonde again- or tried to- allI accomplished wash making it a duller grey dirty red.  So I did what any lazy person would do- I went and bought bright red dye and redyed it red.  It looks fabulous now! Like traffic stopping fabulous red!

The zentangle looks really intricate, but it's working with patterns in small parts,so it is relaxing and easy to do.  Mom, the lady who I made this for doesn't use a computer, that's why I put hers up there-she will never see it :)  I really think that everyone of you should try one zentangle- just one- to see how relaxing and easy it really is.  I have a linkto both the zentangle site and zentangle patterns in my sidebar->

I stillhave that darn cold.  It turned into a sinus infection and now has migrated down to a cough.  2weeksnow. I am tired of it.

15 days til I see my mommy :) yay!



Her Mom said...

Take Sudafed. Or aloe vera. Hot orange juice with cinnamon sticks.
15 days and I'm ready! Well, after we get the tree up. Yule tree.

LisaF said...

K, thank you for the kind words. I tend to get a bit carried away when talking about faith stuff. Even though we are poles apart in our spiritual worldviews, you make me I'm sure there is much common ground between us.

SuziCate said...

Have fun with your that you froze cookie dough logs for her so she can cut off and bake cookies anytime...I'm going to do that...nowgoing to read postI've missed and the "history lesson" by Lisa.

Mara said...

My grandmother once told me that the festive season wasn't a happy or a merry one for her anymore after her husband died. So, from then on I would always say: have a Good Christmas.

Pallas Renatus said...

Mucinex D (always the D kind, red box!) Maximum Strength. Seriously, keep the stuff in stock, one (giant) tablet will clear out your head and chest like you wouldn't believe.

I'm trying to imagine the local fundamentalists' faces if I were to yell out "Festive Winter Solstice!" in response to their "Merry Christmas"'s. Oh, I do love my crazies =)