Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Signs, signs, everywhere there are signs

I had to change the song- I think the song from which I stole the title of this post says everywhere there's signs.  That's just plain dumb grammar.

Ok- really- I stretched the truth yesterday a wee bit.  The sign did say something about not letting your kid on the equipment with a sweatshirt that has strings because he might hang himself.  It also said not to let him walk on the top of the monkey bars, not to let him slide on a burning hot slide, to not let him play if the equipment was broken and sharp, etc, etc...It went on and on with things we should already know, and we don't, how can survival of the fittest be true?

Playground rules confuse me.  I still don't understand why the kids have to sit on the swings- why can't they airplane? ( I do understand the rule about going down the slide not up, and maybe even the one about not letting go of the bars)  Why can't they run on the playground?  Isn't that what playgrounds are for?   These rules seem to be made by the same people who insist kids do blah school work- "color inside the lines, fill in the blank, bubble in which letter is correct"- not "create art, write a story, show me through a play that you understand this"

One of my favorite college teachers taught primarily through song and rhyme.  One of my favorite assignments (from another not so great teacher) was "do anything you want to illustrate that you understand this concept".  Some students made powerpoints, others wrote papers, my friend made a quilt which pictures and stories, I hollowed out a huge book and stuck pictures and stories in it.  We each made it our own and understood it far better that way.

Today is my friday- I'm off work early, tomorrow and Friday are Veteran's day holidays.  It is grey outside and looks like rain- perfect for sleeping in and reading a good book.  My nook is fully charged and ready to go.



Mara said...

We haven't gone over the top with signs and things over here, but they are getting closer every day. Fortunately at my very local playground I have not yet seen a single sign. Besides children play there on their own (without parents presents) and do what they want anyway. I have not yet heard of anybody being seriously injured.

Anonymous said...

I put what I wanted to say in the previous post but only to sum up - the spoon fed generation has to have signs like this. I heard of a group that helps parents take their kids to the park and leave them with their friends to play. - Hugs and sparkles - WG

Her Mom said...

Toooo much CYA.