Monday, November 22, 2010

I live with an old wife...and she's not mine

Actually, she's a he, in the form of a 78 year old codger. He's still an old wife because of all the "tales" he believes and spreads.

I caught a cold this week. Why? I thought it was a virus that was expelled through a preschoolers mouth into my nose as he coughed directly in my face- but nooo

Old wife tells me it's because I didn't wear socks on the cold floor. Apparently, the cold germ hangs on the floor and walks through the skin in my feet if I walk barefoot (even in a 75 degree house).

I took an actifed, which is ah antihistamine- and it cleared my sinuses up really well. I could breathe though I was still tired and achy.

Old wife tells me I should have taken an antibiotic (though they are made for bacteria and taking antibiotics willy nilly builds up a tolerance for them which is bad- very bad). Then some mucus pill- whatever the one is that the commercial has a beer bellied booger as it's spokesman.

I was wearing 3 layers, but got cold so I took off two.

Old wife turned the heater up to the setting "hell"- apparently I need to be boiled to kill my germs.

Old wife also believes that sit-ups cause weight loss and when I have a a problem he needs to step in and solve it whether I've asked him to or not. (actually he doesn't do that much to me, because I never mention any issues I have for this reason- he does it to his own children).

I could go on about him, but I think I have grumped about this before :) and I'm gonna lay down so I get over this cold before Turkey Day (I know a cold lasts 5-7 days but I swear it gets over quicker if I sleep a lot the first few days). And yes I took my zinc, ate soup, and drank juice- there is medical proof for those treatments.


Her Mom said...

I tol you and tol you and tol you - no bare feet! And aloe vera! For cryin out loud!

I'll bet you didn't get enough sleep either, did you? And you probably breathed in foreign air. Germ-laden foreign air. So the key here is - don't breathe.

Anonymous said...

My grandma said that bare feet on a cold floor gives you piles, not a cold. Take care of you - hugs and sparkles - WG

SuziCate said...

I swear by Colloidal the three years I've taken it, I've only gotten sick once (and I'm around germy kids every day and used to get sick every time they did!) and I was able to knock it out in two days by increasing my doasage. It works better for me than Zicam.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I catch a cold whenever my feet get wet and chilled. Everyone tells me that's just an old wives' tale. BUT I KNOW BETTER!!!

Hope your cold is gone soon!

Lyn said...

I walk around barefoot all the time and don't get extra colds. My Nan who lived to 94 never got a cold - she put it down to eating an orange a day.

Hope you feel better soon K!

Mara said...

Old wife's tales? They sound like pretty good advice to me. Especially the mucus pill. Yep, next time I am all clogged up, I am going to hunt down a good mucus pill.

I will however take my coat off when indoors: otherwise it's no use outdoors. Something my mother told me and the annoying bit is: I am saying the same thing now!

Anyhow: look after yourself and have a great (unclogged) Thanksgiving.

Pallas Renatus said...

Mucinex is the one you're thinking of. And I must say, it's amazing stuff; I always keep a stock of the 12-hour "D" kind with psuedoephedrine (a decongestant) mixed in, for whenever anyone catches anything. It's amazing just how much better you feel when you can breathe properly.

LisaF said...

Your post made me giggle. My MIL used to say if I didn't put a hat on my kids when it was cold outside, they'd get an ear infection. I've got relatives who run to the doc for antibiotics at the first sign of a sniffle. Go figure.