Sunday, November 7, 2010

Has this ever happened?

Have you ever liked or disliked something because of who you associate it with?  Lemme give you an example:  I love color- most colors, any color- except purple.  Seriously, I stupidly can not stand purple.  Why?  The people I know who like the color purple are high maintenance, they annoy me- and so the color purple gets the same connotation as those people.  (This is not commenting on YOU- I am sure that you are not this way even if you love purple).  The color scheme of Burgandy and Black and Gold does this to me as well.  Shudder.  (funnily enough, boyfriend chose burgandy and black for a bedspread- but I still like him)

Names are this way with me too.  I am pretty lucky I am not having anymore kids, since every name I love, I have known a child with that name most likely.  I'd probably end up changing my kid's name on a daily basis according to the behavior of the children in that class.

I know a lot of wonderful Emilys.  I've always loved the name Emily.  I probably will continue loving that name since I have met so many wonderful Emilys.

I loved the name Tristan too.  Ever since I saw the movie Legends of the fall.  Ex wouldn't let me name a kid Tristan because it reminded him of a cracker (Triscuit).  I met a Tristan the other day that reallly tried my patience.  He was not an innately evil kid, he just tried to get out of doing anything and had a bad attitude.  It made me like the name Tristan less.

This could be linked to other stuff like food.  If someone broke my heart over a certain food- I'd probably not want to ever eat it again.  If someone stole my heart over food- I'd want it every day.  Don't we do this with comfort food?  Food we associate with love and family?  We love those because they make us feel loved.

What are your associations?


Her Mom said...

But - I like purple!

So who are those people in the pictures?

Pallas Renatus said...

Wait, you mean that all Melissas aren't sexual deviants? Damn, I have some apology cards to write.

Seriously, though, I do this more than I'm willing to admit to =)

Lyn said...

I'm the same way too. There's just some names and some things which bring up associations however much you rationalise them. The name Sarah and Sagittarians for example. Not been my best experience.

Anonymous said...

At our school it is Justin and Joshua that really spoiled that name for me. I know there are probably wonderful people with that name but they weren't here and that made those names hard to herre. I have a few others but there are some good and some bad.
Hugs and sparkles - WG

Mara said...

I've got it mostly with names. Sometimes people call me Tamara and I hate it, because the one Tamara I used to know was just awful and stupid. (And no, my name is not derived from Tamara, it's derived from Maria)

Jenn Flynn-Shon said...

Music and smells are what cause me to associate. Like if I randomly happen to hear a certain song by Elton John I am immediately taken back to high school and being fearful that one of my closest friends (who left to join the army) would be sent to the Gulf War. Or if I smell sawdust I think of my dad.