Saturday, November 27, 2010


I dreamt the other night a really weird dream- a lot of dreams I can figure out tie to what I watched as I feel alseep, or to worries I have been mulling over.  Some dreams I can't figure out at all.  Like last night I dreamt I had 3 long hairs on my leg that I missed shaving. They had grown to a foot long and looked thick and like insect legs- weird, huh?

The other nights dream I could figure out- but it was disgusting.  I had a sore ankle when I went to sleep- so that's part of it.  I dreamt my foot hurt- I looked down at it, and it was practically detached.  I could see the bottom half hanging off.  Someone cut it off for me- good.  disgusting but good.  It was good because then I needed to breastfeed a baby.  For which my dream boobs magically create milk (unlike my real life boobs that sucked at breastfeeding my first kid)

I decided this was a metaphor of cutting off old unneeded pains and starting to nurture new stuff, new babies.
you have any weird dreams?

ack! I'm typing on a netbook and keep pushing something that makes my cursor jump back to the middle of a word as I am typing.  so my new sentences pop into the middle of my old sentences like a turducken. I wish I knew what did this- this post took way too long to type!



Mara said...

I once dreamt I was being chased through a very rocky river by a naked Crown Prince (ours). And if I play too many games during the game I am bound to dream something about them at night!

Nice to hear I am not the only one with the cursor problem! When you figure out why and what, will you let me know too: it's driving me mad!

Creative Flair said...

I keep dreaming of Lego Star wars men. Mainly because my boys are obsessed with them right now and I am thinking of stuff for Christmas. I'm kinda over those dreams.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Nice turducken analogy!

Her Mom said...

I rarely remember dreams anymore.
As to the cursor problem, I do that on the netbook too. Occasionally on the regular desktop keyboard, but not nearly as often. If I ever figure out what key I'm hitting to make it happen, I'll let you know. Not that that will stop it.