Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Thank You guys! sometimes I just need to have a conversation with a bunch of level headed ladies to get the gist of how I am feeling and what the proper reaction should be.  A bunch of you made the same comment that my ever wise mommy made. (Avoiding the conversation was not denying myself, but rather avoiding an UNNECESSARY confrontation).

I capitalized unnecessary for a reason. A very good reason.  I've been learning to confront people for the past (10 or so) years.  I've been owning my opinion rather than just going with whatever the leader says.  I am normally a follower, or maybe more of a non-leader, I don't necessary follow idiots- I follow those I agree with, anyhow- For years I'd allow people to say things or demand things and just go with the flow even if I didn't agree with it.  I'd let people make racist jokes, I'd tolerate people stepping on me, etc...I was Ok with it.  Until I learned it was slowly eating me away.  I had to figure out how to make a stand- but that's a slippery slope.  I had to learn when to make a stand as well- and I am still learning.

  This is why my mommy is so good.  She is my unbiased observer.  Even if I tell a story with my biased opinion, she can still manage to see the other person's point of view.  She also knows when to hold them and knows when to fold them.  I value her opinion.  And yours.

So, I am glad I didn't react.  because that was true- I didn't need to.  It didn't need to be clarified.  I didn't change because I didn't publicly label myself.  Neat thing is that boyfriend's dad took the time to thank me for chatting with sister, for being part of the family, for interacting with the family.  That was cool, huh?   


* and as a side note- Andy made me crack up in the picture comments.  He asked if my broom has tried to win me back, like the swiffer commercial's broom.  LOL. (Andy's blog is Eye Candy- he posts a picture a day).



Debra She Who Seeks said...

And on a completely unrelated note, I love the ostrich on your new blog header! What a look!

Her Mom said...

What Debra said. I meant to mention that yesterday, but it left my mind before it got to my fingers.

greekwitch said...

I just read the previous post. I know how you feel. We have all been there. At a point that we asked ourselves am i really out of the closet?
Mine was this summer. When it concerns other people it is hard sometimes to say it out loud.
I believe unnessecary conflict is to be avoided as long as you do not feel bad about yourself, and you should n't.'
Brightest blessings K.

Blasé said...

Yes, very Cool!

Linda in New Mexico said...

I meant to tell you yesterday....I too love the big bird topper you have. Too fonny...
Just posted a new award and I have because of your loveliness included you. Please do not feel like you have to "play", just know I think you are special. The Olde Bagg

LisaF said...

I agree with your mom 100%. Although it may seem like you are denying who you are, avoiding a confrontation at an inopportune time is more a sign of strength than compliance. I'm sure there will be a time to discuss these things in another venue. If you've spent any time at all wandering around my place, you know we don't see eye to eye on this topic, but I would never call you out and get in your face about it. There's always some common ground. It just takes a while to find it.

Kathy said...

Sounds like you handled the situation in a really positive way. It's good that your mom has taught you how to see the other's point of view. When I slow down enough to see/feel another's view, it so often changes the situation around. It is cool!