Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Yiddish words for L

ABC Wednesday!  Hello!

Leck, shmeck - Done superficially (lick, smell)

L'chei-im, le'chayim! - To life!
Lobbus - Little monster
Luch in kup - A hole in the head ( " I need this like a luch in kup").

Everytime I hear L'cheim, I start singing the fiddler on the roof song in my head!
One day when my kid was fairly young and cute ( do not let his looks fool you), He decided to put my purse into his swimming pool and squish it repeatedly until it was fully saturated.
I am sure I yelled something similar to, but less lyrical than,
" You little Lobbus!  I need this like I need a Luch in kup!"  and then I gave him a leck, smeck type of mommy glare, as I can't stay mad at his cuteness.
Come back tomorrow!  I have a giveaway and a lot of pretties!
Today I am giving away a blog award I recieved!
yes, it says Zombie Rabbit award!

Lisa F from Peripheral Perceptions passed it moi, because I am halloweeny! I thought it would be perfect to pass to some of the new witchy blogs I have discovered! 
are my newest blog discoveries and I have been enjoying them!  come get your Zombie award!

See you all tomorrow- I am going to see if Blogger will actually post the post I plan for tomorrow at the right time, not tonight when I push post, but when I set my timer for.  It hasn't worked lately for me.



Roger Owen Green said...

If you're as big a fan of Fiddler as I am, you will LOVE THIS.

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Her Mom said...

Oh yes! to you and your Yiddish words, and to Roger for posting a link to that marvelous video!

LisaF said...

I immediately thought of Tevia as well! And thank you Roger for the link to Vanessa's surprise. I can just imagine the *culprits* practicing our of earshot of the bride. Great.

As for Lobbus, I hate to say it but Peanut (2 yrs old) was one tonight as I tried to get her to go to bed.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

"Leck, shmeck!" is going to be my new buzzword -- I'll use it incessantly. People will start avoiding me, but I won't care.

Lyn said...

I'm going to use Lobbus today - wonder how many times I can say it without the kids noticing ;-)

SuziCate said...

That little face is way too cute to stay angry at! Good thing he was cute for his sake!