Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tuesday- randomonics

*I'm tired.  The hypochondriac part of me wonders if it is seasonal deficit disorder.

*I want to make the pumpkin pie cake from October Farm's blog, but it would take energy.

*Lisa F. made me laugh because she so called me on my hypocriticalness- I bitch about half naked women right after I post pin-up girls.  LoL.  It's different because, um, I said so.

*I zentangled today and left it with my sub calling card because the 8th graders were on task and required very little help.  Lucky me.

*I have decided that part of my problem is a bad attitude. Maybe.  I'm going to experiment and think happy and positive everytime a negative pops into my head.  If that changes the way I feel, good.  I'm tired of being a moody chick.

*This does not mean if depression flares up that anyone has a right to say "just shake it off". Dont. ever. tell.  me.  that.

*I am officially the mother of an adult.  My son turned 18 today.

* I love fall but hate the stupid voting ads that come with it (in the US- it's horrid!)

*I really want that cake.

*I'm happy you visited me here today!  Hope the rest of the week was as nice as today.

*as nice as today does not mean I want some crazy lady to cut me off so I have to stop by skidding 6 feet on my scooter barely missing the side of her car.  Once in my lifetime was enough.  (Do I burn more calories with an adrenaline rush like that?  if so, where's that cake?)



Carol said...

I have learned (you know, after all those years of walking 20 miles to school through snowdrifts 10 foot deep) that positive thoughts take far less energy than negative thoughts.
Hold that thought!

Her Mom said...

The Carol said comment was really from fat-fingered:

Debra She Who Seeks said...

CAKE!!!!! Now you've got me wanting it too.

Mara said...

You were talking about cake?

LisaF said...

Congrats and my condolences to having an "adult" child at 18. "Adult child" sounds like an oxymoron, doesn't it? Happy to have made you laugh with my observation, but I'm not buyin' your rationale. :-p Cake? Yes, please.

SuziCate said...

Dang girl, glad you are ok and quick with those brakes...yeah, I'd say you deserve cake and a drink!