Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Lyn at Witchblog  posted a cute bit yesterday on obituaries that told the truth, the down and dirty, the whole dirt.  I thought this would be a cool exercise for think what our obits would currently say, and to think what we'd want them to say.
Quite frankly, I don't care if I get an obit.  I don't care about the grave, I'd rather be cremated or donated to science, or pieced out as a donor.  You can throw me in the ocean, in the dump, or leave me in a coffee can.  Whatever,  My body will be dead.  I do plan to haunt a few people just for fun though.

What dirty (not so secret) secrets could my obit have?  I love wine, and beer, and mixed drinks especially margaritas- and I drink them.  (Tipsy is not a bad thing.  I don't like drunk, though I have been).  I'm a jack of all trades, but have mastered none- I don't stick with things forever, I just flutter from one to the next.  I'm in love with love, and a sucker at times (been married twice, divorced twice).  I had my first kid before I was 21- I got knocked up. I'm moody and might have a bit of my birth father in my personality (he's a downer like eyeore and a hypochondriac).  I cuss occasionally, smoke (a pipe or cigar) occasionally, and tell dirty jokes occasionally.  I'm not much of a laborer- I prefer hard work mentally- though some might argue that my work isn't hard enough. This dribbles into my exercise- I used to work out a lot.  I don't so much anymore.  If it's a mainstream newspaper, maybe they will want to mention my not so mainstream religion, as well.

Some people who have issues with me might be able to muck it up a bit more- but I think their opinions of me would be biased negatively :)

What about good things?  I try.  I try to be open, patient, kind, accepting, and understanding.  I try to earn my keep and care for myself.  I try to keep promises and uphold my responsibilities.  I put love and effort into everything I make.  I am creative.  I am appreciative.  I save bugs.  I don't kill ( I do eat meat- so I kind of kill, and I eat veggies, that's kind of killing too), but I don't squash bugs or murder people ( misquitos and black widows are an exception- there it's kill or be killed).  I maintain a bit of a childlike wonder and joy in my life- and I share that with children and adults a like (it's good for you to color, look for 4 leaf clovers, dance in the aisles of the grocery store, flap your arms and try to fly).

somewhere in there it would be nice if someone mentioned that I love my kids, stayed home with them for 11 years, volunteered at their schools, and tried my best. Maybe that I was, am, a decent daughter and sister too.  We will see about the wife thing- I thought I was a good one, I don't know if I'll ever be one again.

What do I want to do that my obit might mention?  I've talked about this before- I want to do that stickynote thing where I leave positive sticky notes for people to get (I've left one or two- but don't get out much).  I want to do the toy society and leave toys all over for people to find .  Basically I want to spread surprises and joy.   I want to travel and learn about other cultures.  I want to be open to new experiences and foods and customs.  I want to visit places of worship.  I want to watch people.  I want to write a children's book, or perhaps a substitute book for schools.  I want true and enduring love.  I want to be old with someone else who adores me.  I want to save animals.  Maybe foster kitties.  Maybe get a big house and make it just for kitties. I want to grow my own food, can some stuff, make my own cosmetics. I want to know about crystals, aromatherapy, herbs.  I want to live fully and enjoy it.

What about you?  what will your obit say?  what should it mention?  what do you want?  I'm adding a mcLinky if you wanna link up~


Linda in New Mexico said...

I just love this....I don't know if I could get into my real dirt but I'm gonna contemplate this,,,,,,could be fun.
The Olde Bagg

Her Mom said...

Ooooh tough. I have to think about this. I thought yours was good though - and you are more than a decent daughter.

SuziCate said...

This is very good...and whether you realize it or not you are a blessing to many, even those who only know you online! You have a wonderful heart!

Judy said...

Sounds like someone I would like to know...