Monday, October 11, 2010

Lunes Lunacy- Men's shows

Yep, you've heard this one before, but with boyfriend's lifestyle, this is one I seem to bump into on a monthly basis.  Promotional girls- dressed like this-

You'll have seen them if you have gone to any man's expo where they show off manly things like big trucks and guns.  Maybe some quads and motorcycles.  Expos where they sell stuff (not women- actual stuff) and drink beer and adjust themselves in public. 

My issue?  Kids and wives go to these things too.  Lemme write a letter to those with whom I wish to speak:

Dear Manly show vendor,
Yeah- you- the one with barely adult chicks in their underwear.  The chicks with their butt cheeks hanging out.  Or the ones in bikinis.  What are you selling?  what?  Lightbulbs?  really?  all I see is boobs and butt.  Where's the product?  Don't you think your product should be good enough to sell itself?  If your product needs boobs and butt to be sold, maybe you should take it off the market.  (In fact, if those girls are all boobs and butt and nothing else, they should take themselves off the market too- I'd like a daughterinlaw with more substance, please).

Dear Manly Man,
You, the one with kids in the stroller you are pushing through the show.  No, not you, the one who stops at booths with products; the one who is drooling over the "promotional girls".  The one posing and flirting with them.  The one with a young son and daughter watching you as you openly have sex with her with your eyes.  Yes- you.  What are you teaching your son?  Especially when you left home this morning with barely a grunt to mommy and now you are fawning allover the butt and boobs chicks.  I'll tell you what you are teaching your son.  Girls are only about butts and boobs.  Mommy shouldn't be adored or respected because these girls have firmer butts and boobs than mommy.  It's ok to treat girls like meat.  Girls should dress in their undies to go outside, at least girls you want to date.
and your daughter?  the one watching you.  The one in pink and pigtails that swings her chubby arms around your neck every chance she can.  What are you teaching her?  stop and think.  What.  are.   YOU.   teaching.   her????  Do you want her dressed like this for other men to drool over?  Do you want men to fantasize about your baby girl?  Do you want her to sell herself at manly shows? 
That woman that is all butt and boobs is someone's daughter.  She is someone's little pigtailed girl.  She's been taught by society and people like you to wear her chonies in public.  She's been taught that her real value is in her butt and boobs. 

By the way, I am sooo tired of the excuse "sex sells".  Sex only sells because we let it.  Cute sells too.  Put a chubby two year old in your booth and he will sell the crap out of your product.  Oh- good products that people want sell too.  Try that approach.  It's actual selling without prostituting sex or cute.

that's it.  That's my tirade.  Boyfriend wonders why I get so upset.  I really wanted to cry on Saturday at the Manly show.  I had read some forums prior to going in order to find a coupon for the show- and was accosted with manly comments like "well, the show is smaller but at least the bikini girls will cheer me up".  Gawd!  I hope that man doesn't have a spouse- that is all kinds of disrespectful.

I have a fourteen year old daughter who is gorgeous.  Luckily she is being raised by a man who is not like these manly men.  I was also a fourteen year old girl who fell into society's bidding.  I wore sexy clothes to be noticed.  I still continued that through adulthood.  It surely did not help my psyche.  I put too much importance on looks and not enough on my "self".  I don't want that for my daughter, or any daughter.  That's why I cry.

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Mara said...

The weird thing is that when I have to go to the Housekeeping fair (biggest fair in the Netherlands and it is just awful), I see a lot of young women trying to sell products as well. They might be wearing a bit more than the girls you showed, but not much!

We had a potato fair a few years ago and there were farmers from all over the world gawping at all those potato planters and potato harvesters. No girls there, but that might have had something to do with the sky just chucking it down! The farmers loved it though: they could see what those machines were capable of in the mud.


AlphaBetsy said...

My boyfriend and I are gamers, like RPG gamers, and this past year at a convention they had a booth called the girls of gaming...the girls were all just like the one you pictured. And I can pretty much guarantee that not a one was an avid gamer, or even had ever played a game. They were just praying on the geeks with boobs. Cheap shot, cause it's going to work.

Her Mom said...

With you all the way! I hate that we use sexy women and men to sell product. I hate that there are so many products sold to "keep us young" - and that I'm dumb enough to try them. Products should be sold on their merits, we should all be allowed to age as gracefully as possible with no shame about getting older. All of the above. And guys, if you don't get it, I think you need to become a little more sensitive.

Anonymous said...

It's a sad state that our culture deems acceptable. Some would say that those who object are too Puritanistic, but there's a fine line between tasteful and absolutely no taste whatsoever. One of my students worked at Hooters and when I asked (confronted) her about it, she said it's better money than the local bar/restaurant; and that most of the girls just laugh at the the guys making fools of themselves over them. So, they benefit financially from parading around in tight shorts and shirts while getting in the last laugh. (Deep Sigh) BTW, I did notice some of your sexy witches may have had some trouble finding the rest of their clothing as well! ;-D

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Good letters! Some people "get it" and others don't, unfortunately. Change is soooooooo slow.

Lyn said...

I went to a car show once with my ex and there were lots of girls posing with expensive cars. I haven't been to anything like it since (and don't want to).

One of the good things about living in cold, rainy England is you don't see many women like this outside ;-)

SuziCate said...

Excellent message to society in general. Why does sex sell? Because society lets it and enforces it. Sad.

Creative Flair said...

If one of my sons brings home a girl like that, I will freak out. Woman should have more self esteem and self decency than to look like that.