Tuesday, October 5, 2010

It just had to be Tuesday, didn't it?

I went looking through the thesaurus for a nice word for conglomeration or random crap. I needed a t-word for Tuesday alliteration. All I could find was Tuesday trove. It doesn't sound as good as Monday Miscellany. But Monday is already Lunes Lunacy until I run out of things to grump about.

So, here's a pile of randomness- a trove of tales, per se.
Exactly what does per se mean?

For anyone Witchy or interested in religious issues- You HAVE to read this blog today. It's infuriating and sad.  Lyn shows us how some religions are just never taken seriously and how some people have an issue with "one-up-manship"

I've been fixated on Zentangles, and I signed up for a ATC swap with a zentangle on Swap bot.  For those artists out there who feel like collecting and trading art, including artist trading cards- try swapbot.  I got fixated on the zentangle blogs in my side bar ----> For hours last night.  As soon as I am done posting stuff today on boyfriend's shopping site, I am going to tangle my heart out.  Here's a few I practiced last night.  It is very relaxing.
The makers of zentangles actually host fabulous art workshops where they create huge zentangles and manuscripted letters.  I also want to try zentangle mandalas.  You can be registered as a zentangle teacher after going through a series of classes- how cool is that?  This would be right up my alley- teaching and art.

Another thing I have done is create a book to cover my nook.  I was going to buy one- but why buy one when you can make one with stuff you have lying around?  I used and old journal I was sweetly given but not going to write in, and fabric I already had.  A little bit of clear elastic and some sewing and wahlaa!

I sewed a suprise that will be a give-away on Mrs. B's blog around mid month.  I also have done a bit of planning for Mrs. B's hoarde to visit me on Thursday.  If you don't understand- Mrs. B is a Pagan Soccer Mom who hosts a huge blog party every October full of giveaways, guest bloggers, and a blog visit every day.  I get visitors on Thursday- so I have to do a bit of baking and cleaning :)

I've been pleasantly suprised this month.  I don't really talk about this- but I think I need to right now. For those of you who don't believe in magic, substitute the word prayer or wish instead of magic or spell- OK?
I decided to use the candle I won in a giveaway a few months ago. It was a wonderful attraction kit with oil, candle, and lodestone.  MMMM the oil smells so good. So, a few weeks ago I pulled out the candle, annointed it with oil, and did a spell- Mine don't always rhyme, I don't buy them, I write them in my head and do what feels right- sending my intentions out into the world.  For good measure, I put attraction oil on my business cards as well.  Jobs have been coming in like crazy!  Teachers have been requesting me.  I love it.  Today I did a meditation, also chose a few books to sell on amazon, let my job wishes be known and mentioned something about money for good measure.  I put the books on Amazon to sell and then went outside to get the mail.  In the mail my mommy had sent me some fun money, and as soon as I got inside my email beeped that I sold a book!  cool, huh?  The really neat thing I like about magic is that it requires you to work for what you want- I can't just say I need money and work then do nothing.  I have to get online to look for jobs, give out my cards, get a good work-ethic repuation, etc.  But sometimes, people like my wonderful mommy just give me an extra bonus!

Also, did I show you dotee doll faces I made?

I woke up feeling good today.  I didn't get a job, but I had plans to zentangle.  I'm going to write down as many patterns as I can- they remind me of quilts but without the sewing or expense of fabric.  Maybe I'll manuscript a letter or mandala too.  But first I am going to make Chicken and dumplings because it is rainy outside.  I might bake snickerdoodles too.  Then I am going to work on boyfriend's website.  Then I am going to play.  Fall is in the air and I am feeling groovy!


Mara said...

My my, you do sound busy! (sorry, not up to more of a comment right now. Am a bit tired. Will try again tomorrow)

Her Mom said...

I love it when you sound happy. I love that you're getting lots of work. The fun money was just a wee bit, so you can only have a wee bit of fun. Unless you can figure out how to stretch it to a whole bunch of fun.

LisaF said...

Well, dance on over to my place. I have a fun blog award for you just in time for Halloween.

Lyn said...

Oh, those zentangles look like fun. I love your spider web design - very Halloween!

I think you made an excellent point about spell work, something which most people ignore/forget, that you have to actually *do* something to get what you want to manifest. Good for you K - hope the blessings keep rolling in :)

Anonymous said...

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