Sunday, October 3, 2010

I'm showing mine

Mara at Weighty Matters showed off her new tattoo- so I'm going show you most of mine.  I say most because some are covered with other tattoos.
My first one was a name and a heart.  NEVER put a name and a heart on your body.  Poor ex has my name on his ankle still.  The name on my belly was then covered with vines- but the vines looked too much like batman so I put a huge fairy over it.  The years later, to balance the fairy, I put a Pan on the other side.  since Pan was closer to my belly button, I put a tree next to the fairy and 3 clovers next to pan (3 clovers are representative of my kids).  I hope to get skinnier in the belly area and tie them together someday.  Maybe some grass and a something near my belly button.  There's no way I'd do it right now because my belly is lumpy and tattooing would be difficult.

Then- I have a cute design I created on my lower back, tramp stamp area.  The center is a star made into a pentacle by hearts surrounding it.  I also added swirls which I love.  Even though it is a pent, I really made it a star to represent my middle son, my oldest son said people go to the stars when they die, and my youngest son sent this message through a psychic after he had died (she misinterpreted the star symbol he showed her, but I knew what he was talking about).  He also sends me stars in beads or confetti when I am missing him unbearably. 
I have a heart on my hip as well.  The D is for Ex and D can be for my sweet daughter.
I have a knot on my ankle.  It has a dolphin on it.  This is sort of my second tattoo.  The knot was a cross when I was still trying to be a Christian.  the dolphin was representative of Ex's religious mindset at that time.  He wanted to be reincarnated as a dolphin.  Interestingly, my brother's letter about Tobin for his memorial also had to do with dolphins.
I have a bracelet on my arm. It looks like crap now. It flowers around and a butterfly clasp.  It needs retounching someday.

I also have a 3 moon/pent on my back.  One moon droops a bit- I plan on adding stars to that droop and filling it in with color a bit (not solid, just around the edges). This is between my shoulder blades.  what colors though? 
I sort of want to do the above one in orange or yellow.  I have too much green already and green makes no sense, but I have plans for one more tattoo.  I want to get a tat unde my chesticles (boobies) in that little triangle area saggy boobies make.  
I want this:
with a snake head like this:

in orange.     I've been thinking about this for about three years.  I might just go for it for my bday.  that or filling in my back tattoo if I can decide color.

I like my tattoos.  They are part of me.  Just like white walls, empty skin begs to be painted.  They are small symbols of what I have experienced and felt in life.

ttyl! K


Lyn said...

I don't have any tatoos but if I did I'd get one like your lower back. It's beautiful. I love the symbology of the 3 clover too. Hugs, Lyn x

Mara said...

Thank you for sharing your tattoos with us. I think I will stick with the tulip I have now which obviously represents the Netherlands. When I move to Canada I will want a maple leaf on the other shoulder to represent my new home and that will be it. Unless by that time I have decided to fill my whole body!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Good advice about not tattooing names! Those three wee shamrocks are especially adorable!

Sandra said...

I think tatoos are pretty. But there is no way I'm going to sit there and get poked repeatedly, willingly with needles.
I think you are sooo brave. Your beautiful tatoos are a testiment to the level of your tolerance for pain!
Thus I think you could have given birth to that child, folded up or not, in the back of the Chevy! And Chevy is a very nice name!

Tracy DeLuca said...

I absolutely love tattoos but I only have 1. I just have not been able to afford the expense of adding any of the new ones that I want! Right now I have a wolf head howling at a crescent moon that surrounds the wolf... if that makes sense. That one is covering initials. Yep, made that mistake too! It needs to be touched up something awful. It's on my upper left arm.

Then I want to get a fairy on my hip or back. Something like this:

And I want this somewhere: maybe on my leg....

I would LOVE to get a dragon as well or maybe wings... but who knows!