Monday, October 4, 2010

Diet Lunacy

I used to work at Diet Center.  My boss told me to tell customers that I had lost weight with the diet center program.  I had, sort of.  I knew how to diet.  I had been counting calories as a teenager. and the diet center program was about measuring and limiting foods which is a way of watching calories.

Now, people have advice for me.  Unasked, unwanted advice.  Boyfriend's father occasionally points out that I have gained weight.  He says I should do sit-ups.  That's his answer to weight loss as he eats an apple turnover for breakfast.  Boyfriend said something the other day about carbs being bad for you.  I went to a doctor not long ago and he said the same thing.  I've heard of every diet- fasting, the juice diet, the lemonade and maple syrup diet, Atkins, south beach, Mediterranean,  Susan Powter, weight watchers, fentermine (speed, basically- but boy does it work)etc etc etc.  I know about weight loss.  I know the true medical facts. I don't need help.  I need motivation and will power.  or acceptance and new clothes.

The true medical facts: It takes 3,500 kilcalories (or we call Calories with a capital C) to make a pound.  A person has to intake this many calories more than they burn in order to gain a pound.  Or, in weight loss, the person has to reduce or burn off this number of calories in order to lose a pound.  Each gram of fat has 9 calories. Each gram of protien and carbs have 4 calories.  Apparently, fat and carbs are easier stored as fat than protien.  I dunno about that- but it might make sense, as their chemical make-up is closer to body fat than protien, which is muscle.  If you exercise, you gain and build lean muscle- it's mass is smaller than fat but weighs like fat, so muscle looks smaller but weighs as if you aren't losing weight.  Lean muscle also burns calories, so the basal metabolism of a person who exercises will be higher than of a person who doesn't.  Exercise= burning calories from the act itself and all day because of the muscle created. Limiting calories is Okay within range.  Starving yourself makes the body freak out and want to stop burning calories.  It also makes you stupid.  The calories a person limits themself to should be at or above basal metabolism.  No less.  This is the amount your body needs to live.  This makes weight loss slower but healthier.

My basal metabolism sucks.  Probably from limiting my calories as a teenager.  When I was in my twenties, I had it measured and it was at 1,120 a day.  Do you know how little food equals this amount? Most people are at 1,400 and above.  Dieting is recommended at no less than 1,200.  I'd gain weight on a dieting amount.  I've been able to keep my weight between 150 and 180 most of my years.  Up and down 30 pounds.  I walk, I was a member of curves, when I choose food, it is fairly healthy.  I love fruit and veggies.  Unfortunately, I also love beer and wine( and sweet tea vodka I have found out).  Empty calories.

When I didn't drink or eat meat, I was fairly thin.  When I was on fentermine and got a gallstone I was too thin.  Prior to moving in with boyfriend I had gained my college weight and lost it through exercise and stress. I drank wine everynight but ate healthy and limited calories.

My gripe?  See how much I know?  When I am told to do situps or watch my carbs (by a doctor even), it pisses me off.  Really pisses me off.  I am aware of how weight is gained and lost.  I am also aware of my own body.  I am still healthy.  I'd like to lose 10 pounds or so, but it isn't gonna happen overnight or through ignoring carbs and doing situps.  and I am surely not giving up beer or wine or sweet tea vodka.  So, shush.  My fat isn't hurting you.
Lemme do it myself.  I'll walk when my body tells me it's good to walk.  I walk a heck of a lot all day at work.  I take smaller portions of food and try to find things higher in fiber like veggies and fruit.  The carbs I like are brown rice and wheat noodles.  It reminds me of that song-

"I'm a rambler, I'm a gambler,

I'm a long way from home;

And if you don't like me,

Just leave me alone.

I'll eat when I'm hungry,

I'll drink when l'm dry,

If the hard times don't kill me,

I'll live till I die.

What's your gripe?


Her Mom said...

I'm not saying a word, okay? You obviously didn't get my metabolism, so you can't blame it one me!

Lyn said...

I know all this stuff too and tried every diet known to man. I eat healthily, don't drink very often but still can't shift the extra pounds. I think it's from years of dieting as a teen too.

SuziCate said...

Losing weight is hard...and I totally dislike unsolicited advice on the subject, especially from men! I think I started packing more pounds on when I started drinking wine with dinner often...and then discovered that I really did like, no LOVE, beer! I wish I didn't enjoy drinking wine and beer!

Creative Flair said...

when you find a diet that you can have wine every night and not gain weight, please let me know. ASAP!